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A List Of All The Celebrities That Fell For That Really Dumb Instagram Hoax

They got Julia Roberts, people. Julia Roberts!

There's a dumb and old 2012 Instagram/Facebook hoax about Instagram having permission to use your pictures that is suddenly going around again.

The best part of this particular Instagram hoax is seeing which celebrities fell for it.

Usher fell for it:

Debra Messing got fooled:

Rob Lowe posted this version that you literally can't even read because the ends are cut off:

Then his son came for him:

Rita Wilson got duped:

Taraji P. Henson was tricked:

Niall Horan posted it just in case:

And then Tom Holland regrammed Niall's post:

Pink fell for it:

Julianne Moore got taken for a ride:

T.I. had no idea:

The head of the Department of Energy, Rick Perry, posted it too:

They even got Julia Roberts!

Judd Apatow got got:

Zoe Saldana had to share:

Adriana Lima was deceived:

And lastly and obviously, they got poor Martha!

H/T to Taylor Lorenz for some of these.