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The 40 Happiest Photos Taken This Year

Forty moments of pure joy from this year. Enjoy.

1. The waving panda cub

2. The son who reunited with his mother after seeing her photo online

3. The dog who reunited with his human after getting lost in a hurricane

4. The little boy who reunited with his father after his tour of Afghanistan

5. And the family that reunited after months apart

6. The boy who loved his donkey

7. The sailor and his wife

8. The newlywed frogs

9. The space geeks who made it to Mars

10. China's first female astronaut

11. The little girl and the statues

12. The unlikely dinner guest

13. The woman about to see her husband

14. The nose-nuzzling politicans

15. The nose-nuzzling little kids

16. The Marshmallow Kid and the POTUS

17. The cruise ship survivor and his family

18. The North Korean war veteran reunion

19. This perfect wedding photo

20. This perfect Indian monsoon photo

21. The people watching the final beam being lifted up the new World Trade Center

22. The baby saved from the flood

23. The boy and his cat

24. This military couple

25. Also this military couple

26. The therapy mini-horse and the old man

27. The (fancy) therapy goat and the old lady

28. The kids at the 7-5-3 festival

29. Ramon and his "R" tooth smile

30. The dancing Pearl Harbor veterans

31. The gold medalist

32. Happy Holi people

33. The Washingtonians celebrating their historic gay marriage victory

34. This happy couple just married in Seattle

35. This Paralympian

36. These Paralympians, too

37. The man who thought he lost his dog

38. The Sandy survivors who thought they lost their family history

39. The ridiculously happy polar bear

40. This couple that finally got their wedding photo after 88 years