Hailee Steinfeld Looked Nothing Like Hailee Steinfeld At The Met Gala, Like I've Been Looking At The Pictures For 5 Minutes And It Just Clicked

    I love a shape shifting queen.

    There's something about me that I never really tell anyone, not for any reason in particular, but it just never comes up...

    It's that I low-key love Hailee Steinfeld.

    I love her masturbation anthem, "Love Myself."

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    I love her hunger collab with Zedd, "Starving."

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    Honestly, she's an underrated vocal chanteuse! Plus she just seems nice, like she has good energy or whatever.

    ANYWAY, now that you know my inner thoughts, let's get to the point.

    Hailee is somewhat a Met Gala veteran. Her first Met Gala was in 2011.

    Hailee wore a sweet hi-lo dress

    She went in 2012:

    Hailee wore a floor-skimming spaghetti strap dress with floral detailing


    Hailee wore a light-colored tea-length dress


    Hailee wore a two-toned gown with her hair swept back


    Hailee wore a simple monotone satin gown with matching lipstick


    Hailee wore a strapless satin gem-colored gown with a textured bodice



    Hailee wore a light-colored gown with a tiered tail and a tiara


    Hailee wore a multicolored tiered ball gown with the words "No photos please" embroidered across the front

    The girl is a straight-up Met Gala local! She's basically glued to that covered staircase they walk up.

    But now at her 10th Met Gala, Hailee really, truly, like I'm not kidding, looks nothing like *herself.*

    Ladies and gentleman, Hailee's 2021 Met Gala look:

    Hailee wore a short aquatic architectural piece and rocked blonde hair

    Yes, this is really Hailee Steinfeld!

    The girl who made masturbating cool again in 2016!

    The "Let Me Go" queen!

    So yeah, props to her for completely changing up her look and still looking amazing because not everyone can do that!

    Here's to hoping she shows up as an homage to Heidi Klum and Seal's Halloween party looks in 2022!