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This Awkward Gypsy Rose Blanchard And Joy Behar Interaction On "The View" Is Going Viral: "Murder Is Wrong, Joy"

What a time to be alive.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard has had a wildly bizarre week of freedom.

Since her release, Gypsy has gained millions of fans and followers.

Her IG profile with 6 million followers

She's doing an Outfit of the Day on TikTok.


And she went viral for leaving a racy comment about jumping on her husband's d.

What a time to be alive!

Gypsy saying in a comment to Ryan not to listen to haters because they don't matter and are jealous that he's rocking her world every night, "the D is fire"

This week, she started a full-on press tour.

now why would she say thatbsdjfj pic.twitter.com/iFzrl3NaCG

— trashmagiq (@trashmagiq) January 5, 2024
Twitter: @trashmagiq

This morning, she was on Good Morning America.

EXCLUSIVE: Gypsy Rose Blanchard speaks out to @DebRobertsABC in her first TV interview after being released from prison: "I share my story to be a cautionary tale, so that the next person that might be in a situation like mine, they don't take the route that I did." pic.twitter.com/kp3FaXjOKH

— Good Morning America (@GMA) January 5, 2024
ABC/ Twitter: @GMA

And later, she was on The View.

COMING UP: Gypsy Rose Blanchard — who was just released from prison for orchestrating the murder of her shockingly abusive mother — joins the co-hosts of #TheView LIVE. pic.twitter.com/KV8gfnYXSA

— The View (@TheView) January 5, 2024
Twitter: @TheView

Now this awkward exchange between her and Joy Behar is going viral:

Joy PLEASE pic.twitter.com/f83Nqe7TMh

— Brendan (@notbrendan) January 5, 2024
ABC/Twitter: @notbrendan

"You are not alone in this situation. There are other ways out, and I did it the wrong way," Gypsy said, addressing others who might be dealing with a similar situation.

Close-up of Gypsy Rose on The View

"Don't say that, you had no choice," Joy interrupted. "I did. I did something wrong, and I paid my dues for it," Gypsy said back.

Close-up of Gypsy Rose on The View

"Oh, that part of it," Joy said.

Close-up of Joy turning her head sideways on The View

"Yeah, that part," Gypsy replied.

Close-up of Gypsy Rose on The View

Then we got the newly iconic line: "Murder is wrong, Joy."

The cohosts of The View with Gypsy Rose at the table

Yes, Gypsy Rose Blanchard told Joy Behar, "Murder is wrong."

“Murder is wrong, Joy.” https://t.co/0liwswwDEX pic.twitter.com/zAmMl4zR1D

— Mykeebunch 🏳️‍🌈 (@mykeebunch) January 5, 2024
Twitter: @mykeebunch

What an excellent way to wrap up this super-weird week.

I just threw my phone https://t.co/BoHDE19tJt

— Daniel Lanclos (@danlanclos) January 5, 2024
Twitter: @danlanclos

Let's see what next week will bring!

i’m sorry i’m kinda loving her press tour… she’s been media trained DOWNNNNN pic.twitter.com/YMAqJAHpyT

— aram (@aramnotagoat) January 5, 2024
ABC/ Twitter: @aramnotagoat