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    The Little Girl From The "Good Luck Charlie" Meme Just Posted A Picture On Her First Day Of High School, And Yeah, You're Really THAT Old

    "I forget that other people grow up, too."

    Every now and then, we as humans are bulldozed and bombarded with a reminder of our own mortality.

    This usually happens when someone I think of as a child resurfaces as not a child anymore.

    A recent example of this was finding out Sophia Grace from Sophia Grace and Rosie fame was pregnant.

    I also felt this way a couple of weeks ago when the "I love turtles" kid resurfaced after 16 years.

    Anyway, if you've been online in the past 10 years, then I can assure you've seen this picture:

    A little girl looking confused

    You've also probably seen this gif:

    That little girl's name is Mia Talerico, and the GIF is from the Disney show Good Luck Charlie.

    Well, this is her now:

    Mia is starting high school.

    The comments on the post are full of people feeling ancient.

    "where in the world did all the time go?"

    From "Wait she's already in high school"...

    "omg i feel so old right now and im only 19"

    ... to "I forget that other people grow up, too."

    "i forget that other people grow up too"

    Every day I feel closer to this: