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    People Are Completely Shocked To Find Out Gillian Anderson Is American After A Clip Of Her Speaking Went Viral

    She really had me fooled.

    There's a short but substantial list of celebrities people forget are actually American.

    A man kissing a woman while draping themselves in an American flag

    Some people are surprised to find out Renée Zellweger is American because of her role in Bridget Jones's Diary.

    Twitter: @tamaraorchard

    Other people can't believe Peter Dinklage backs the red, white, and blue.

    Twitter: @brontefilm

    And it's still surprising to me that some people don't realize Elijah Wood is actually from Iowa.

    Twitter: @Cinnadun

    Now we have another to add to the list: Gillian Anderson.

    Closeup of Gillian Anderson holding an Emmy

    A clip of her on Kimmel is going viral because a whole bunch of people didn't realize she was American.

    Twitter: @paulswhtn

    Yep, she was actually born in Chicago.

    Twitter: @talesengineer
    Gillian spent her childhood between the UK and the US, so that could explain the confusion, too.

    That clip of her just, like, speaking has set people off.

    Twitter: @kysi4n

    "It makes me so very uncomfortable that Gillian Anderson is American," this person said.

    Twitter: @shartslottes

    "When I found out Gillian Anderson was American... girl, I almost fainted," another said.

    Twitter: @DIVINEFEMINlNE

    It's just straight up shock and awe all around.

    Twitter: @terrafuckngnova

    So, yep, do what you want with that information.

    Closeup of Gillian Anderson


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