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    Everyone's Laughing At This Fox News Host For Accusing George Santos Of Blatantly Lying

    The man is literally immune from the truth.

    George Santos was exposed by the House Ethics Community yesterday for allegedly misusing campaign funds on things like OnlyFans, botox, and Hermés bags.

    closeup of george santos surrounded by reporters

    The man literally can't stop lying!!

    george santos putting his hand up to take an oath

    It was enough for the congressman from New York to announce he wouldn't be seeking re-election in 2024.

    george santos walking down a hallway full of reporters

    The reaction to the whole thing has been very funny.

    Twitter: @dalsonye0s

    And now an unearthed clip of George Santos on Fox News in March is going viral:

    george with his arms crossed

    Here's the clip:

    Fox/ Twitter: @blakeissweaty

    "Is it true you have an OnlyFans page, and you can peel a banana with your feet," the host asks.

    george on the news

    "I discovered what OnlyFans was around three weeks ago when it was brought up in my office," he said. The host asked, "What did you think?" He replied, "I was obvious to the whole concept."

    "Ahhh, you just can't tell the truth," she clapped back.

    With the information we know now, the man probably knew what OnlyFans was!

    As this person said: "Getting gagged by Fox News is a new low."

    Fox/ Twitter: @getwelllaustin