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Here's Why The Starbucks Red Cups Controversy Makes No Sense

It turns out it takes more than a cup to ruin Christmas.

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Happy war-on-Christmas season!

In case you missed it, there's a good one already: Some people are super pissed about Starbucks's new minimalist red cup design.

Like, REALLY pissed:

There's a consensus among a small but vocal group that the good people of Starbucks are liberal terrorists, and that Christmas is almost certainly RUINED because of this.

#MerryChristmasStarbucks you just lost my business! #RedCups

@Starbucks hey your shitty PC cups are fucked. Apparently @Starbucks is scared 2 participate in a holiday that <90% of Americans celebrate 😂

I am so tired of the PC BS now @Starbucks is PC-ing Christmas! Really? How about this #boycottstarbucks #MerryChristmasStarbucks


So disappointed in the red cups. All year I ignore your PC crap, @Starbucks and pay for my latte w/my gold card. Christmas is ruined!

Fortunately for the future of Christmas, some people are going into Starbucks and saying their name is "Merry Christmas" so that the barista has to write it on the cup.


- _ -

- _ -




Which is dumber, thinking there’s a war on Christmas, or protesting a company by buying its products? #merrychristmasstarbucks

Secondly, this was the design last year:

And this was the design from 2013:

It's a snowman and some streaks. These are symbols of WINTER, not even Christmas. I'm confused.

Third, Starbucks is still Christmas as hell.

Like, even without a snowman on the cup, Starbucks isn't exactly skimping on the Christmas spirit...

ALSO, they literally have a coffee blend called "CHRISTMAS BLEND."

Fourth, the thing about the cup is that it is a LITERAL CUP THAT YOU THROW AWAY. You don't even keep it!

As you ignore the cold homeless guy sitting outside Starbucks, please be sure to complain about the 'non-christian' red cup of $5 coffee.

There are a whole lot of double standards going on. And again, THIS IS FOR A STARBUCKS CUP.

1 "That Halloween costume is racist." 2 "Everybody is too sensitive." 1 "Red cups at Starbucks." 2 "OMG PERSECUTION WAR ON CHRISTMAS"

To wrap it up, anyone who is angry about a red cup should realize:

...and stop worrying about @Starbucks and their holiday cup. #StarbucksRedCup

And this:

Also, don't be a dick to the barista.

In conclusion, blame frat boys.

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