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    This Video Of Lady Gaga Throwing Flowers At Her Fans Is Going Viral Because It's Just So Dramatically Funny

    I love her so much.

    Lady Gaga has had, regardless of any pandemic, an amazing year and a half.

    Lady Gaga posing with her Moonmen awards at the VMAs
    Kevin Winter / Getty Images for MTV

    She released one of the best albums of her career, Chromatica.

    Lady Gaga performing with Ariana Grande
    Kevin Winter / Getty Images for MTV

    She revitalized struggling confectionary brand Nabisco with her equally iconic line of Oreos.

    And she performed dental work in a small Brazilian town*.

    *I'm kidding. But this dentist did go viral for looking exactly like her. 

    She also flew to Rome to film her future Oscar-nominated movie, House of Gucci.

    Mega / GC Images

    From the get-go, Gaga was feeling her Italian oats.

    Xpos / Cobra Team / BACKGRID

    She served us daily looks.

    Gaga in a one shoulder caftan dress and heels
    Xpos / Cobra Team / BACKGRID

    And I basically feel like I've seen the entire movie because we got daily paparazzi updates featuring Gaga with her little poofy hair.

    Ciao / Ciao Pix / BACKGRID

    Give her the Oscar already!

    Mega / GC Images

    So, Gaga wrapped filming a few days ago.

    She left her hotel, and it was emotional!

    Xpos / Cobra Team / BACKGRID

    But this video of her throwing flowers at her fans has me LOLing because it's so dramatic, and as people on Twitter said, it's giving me pigeon-feeding vibes:

    Lady Gaga gives flowers to her Italian fans following the end of filming for her #HouseOfGucci movie. 💐

    Twitter: @PopCrave

    For those who can't play videos, the "Plastic Doll" chanteuse brought out a vase of tulips.

    Xpos / Cobra Team / BACKGRID

    She masked up, pulled up her sleeves, and grabbed a few of the flowers.

    Xpos / Cobra Team / BACKGRID

    Then, the ever-gracious Oreos enchantress tossed them at a group of loving fans.

    Xpos / Cobra Team / BACKGRID

    They gobbled them up.

    Xpos / Cobra Team / BACKGRID

    But in all seriousness, I would kill for Gaga to throw flowers at me. Hell, I'd kill for Christina Aguilera to throw her gum at me. That's iconic!

    View this video on YouTube

    Most celebs don't give their fans any face time, period. It's also still a pandemic! She has to be careful.

    Xpos / Cobra Team / BACKGRID

    AND I'd like to mention she gave them all pizza too.

    A man holding several boxes of pizza
    Xpos / Cobra Team / BACKGRID

    So, in conclusion, this person fully speaks for me:

    honestly i hope she throws oreos at me when i finally get to go to the chromatica ball

    Twitter: @Jono_NotBono

    Now go and stream Chromatica, because who knows? Maybe she'll remember it exists and release another single. <3

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