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    Fred Durst Looks Unrecognizable After Debuting New "Mature" Look

    There may or may not be hair underneath that Yankees hat.

    You might know him for his red carpet style.

    Fred wearing a suit with a tee-shirt, sneakers, and a baseball cap worn backwards on a red carpet

    His friendly demeanor.

    Fred giving the middle finger

    His unique facial hair.

    His love for the good ol' USA.

    Fred holding a small U.S. flag

    Or that one time he dated Carmen Electra*.

    But I know Fred Durst for his hats.

    Like, I seriously have never seen the guy without one.

    So, it came as a huge surprise when the "Nookie" singer completely rebranded his Instagram and reemerged with a new look/vibe.

    It started with this picture:

    Which, like, what?

    Then he kept on posting:

    He posted this picture with his son Dallas Durst* too:

    But then he took it a step further, taking this new look to the Lollapalooza stage:

    Like, that has to be a Party City shake and go wig?


    OK, that's it.

    Now excuse me while I look up whatever happened to the guy who wore the black contacts.

    Apparently he's performing like this now: