62 Celeb Red Carpet Side-By-Sides That Show Some Pretty Dramatic Transformations

    Because there's nothing better than an awkward old red carpet photo.

    1. Emma Stone's first red carpet:

    Emma is wearing bootcut jeans and a tank at the Replay red carpet

    Emma Stone's last red carpet:

    Emma is wearing a pantsuit at the Cruella premiere

    2. Sydney Sweeney's first red carpet:

    Sydney has a black dress with a bedazzled peace sign heart in 2011

    Sydney Sweeney's last red carpet:

    Sydney is at the euphoria Season 2 premiere in a white gown

    3. Paul Rudd's first red carpet:

    Paul is at the premiere of Now and Then

    Paul Rudd's last red carpet:

    Paul is in a brown suit on the Ghostbusters red carpet

    4. Emma Watson's first red carpet:

    Emma is in 2001 and in a floor-length sack with a furry boa

    Emma Watson's last red carpet:

    Emma is wearing a billowy white dress with black dress pants

    5. Ashley Tisdale's first red carpet:

    Ashley is striking a pose at the Princess Diaries 2 premiere

    Ashley Tisdale's last red carpet:

    Ashley is at the House of Gucci premiere in head to toe black

    6. Abigail Breslin's first red carpet:

    Abigail is in a white dress and holding a stuffed animal poodle

    Abigail Breslin's last red carpet:

    abigail is in a black dress at the EMA awards

    7. Kristen Stewart's first red carpet:

    kristen is wearing all black on the panic room red carpet

    Kristen Stewart's last red carpet:

    Kristen is wearing all red at the gotham awards

    8. Jake Gyllenhaal's first red carpet:

    jake has spiky hair and a denim coat on

    Jake Gyllenhaal's last red carpet:

    Jake is wearing yellow plants and a blue blazer

    9. Drew Barrymore's first red carpet:

    Drew is in a princess dress at the golden globes

    Drew Barrymore's last red carpet:

    Drew is at the iHeart radio awards

    10. The Jonas Brothers' first red carpet:

    The brothers are wearing conflicting patterns and graphic tees

    The Jonas Brothers' last red carpet:

    The brothers are wearing a coordinated outfit and look stylish and hot

    11. Michael B. Jordan's first red carpet:

    Michael is at the cheetah girls premiere

    Michael B. Jordan's last red carpet:

    Michael has a gray trench over slacks and looks very handsome

    12. Halle Berry's first red carpet:

    Halle is dressed for the early '90s in a polka-dot ensemble

    Halle Berry's last red carpet:

    halle is at the moonfall premiere

    13. Gabrielle Union's first red carpet:

    gabrielle is wearing a floral blue gown at a TV guide event

    Gabrielle Union's last red carpet:

    Gabrielle is wearing a gorgeous lime green gown at the fashion awards in the UK

    14. Katy Perry's first red carpet:

    katy is wearing a sparkly sea-themed gown in 2009

    Katy Perry's last red carpet:

    Katy is at the CMAs in a floor-length brown gown

    15. Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks's first red carpet:

    Rita and tom are in the 80s in pleather and wool suits

    Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's last red carpet:

    Tom and Rita are holding hands she has sparkles on and he has a boring suit

    16. Leonardo DiCaprio's first red carpet:

    Leo is wearing a knit beanie and a heavily '80s-themed shirt

    Leonardo DiCaprio's last red carpet:

    Leo is in a suit at the Don't Look Up premiere

    17. Rihanna's first red carpet:

    Rihanna is in a boot cut jeans and striking an awk pose

    Rihanna's last red carpet:

    Rihanna is winning the National Heroes Award in Barbados

    18. Jennifer Lopez's first red carpet:

    Jennifer is in a T-shirt dress in 1994

    Jennifer Lopez's last red carpet:

    jennifer is with ben affleck at the marry me premiere

    19. Justin Bieber's first red carpet:

    Usher is pointing at jb at the kid's choice awards

    Justin Bieber's last red carpet:

    justin is at the our world event in a bucket hat

    20. Hailey Bieber's first red carpet:

    hailey is with her family in 2000 when she's a wee little baby

    Hailey Bieber's last red carpet:

    hailey is in a stunning floor length white gown

    21. Taylor Swift's first red carpet:

    Taylor is at the CMT Awards dressed the part in country attire

    Taylor Swift's last red carpet:

    taylor is in a purple velvet suit at the all too well premiere

    22. Ryan Reynolds' first red carpet:

    ryan is slouch backed at the 2 Guys and a Girl premiere

    Ryan Reynolds' last red carpet:

    ryan is very handsome in a suit at the music man premiere

    23. Blake Lively's first red carpet:

    blake is wearing torn up jeans and a teal and pink top

    Blake Lively's last red carpet:

    blake is wearing a deep purple pant suit at the music man premiere

    24. Selena Gomez's first red carpet:

    Teen vogue

    Selena Gomez's last red carpet:

    Selena is wearing a pink top and long black skirt

    25. Brad Pitt's first red carpet:

    Brad in a leather jacket and shiny, wide black pants

    Brad Pitt's last red carpet:

    brad is holding his oscar on the red carpet

    26. Angela Bassett's first red carpet:

    angela is wearing glasses and casual jeans

    Angela Bassett's last red carpet:

    angela is in a sparkly black dress at the rock and roll hall of fame

    27. Sandra Bullock's first red carpet:

    sandra at some bar in california in the '90s, with a sweater wrapped around her waist

    Sandra Bullock's last red carpet:

    sandra is at the premiere of unforgivable in sparkly pants and a black coat

    28. Idris Elba's first red carpet:

    idris is at the sopranos premiere in sandals

    Idris Elba's last red carpet:

    idris is with his wife and he is wearing a suit

    29. Ryan Gosling's first red carpet:

    Ryan Gosling is with Summer Phoenix at the Believer premiere in 2001

    Ryan Gosling's last red carpet:

    Ryan is with harrison ford at an award show

    30. Zac Efron's first red carpet:

    zac is at the teen choice awards with some random tween

    Zac Efron's last red carpet:

    zac has frosted hair

    31. Barack and Michelle Obama's first red carpet:

    At NAACP awards

    Barack and Michelle Obama's last red carpet:

    barack and michelle are at joe biden's inauguration

    32. Adele's first red carpet:

    Adele is at an h&m store opening in 2008

    Adele's last red carpet:

    Adele is at the BRIT Awards looking stun

    33. Harry Styles' first red carpet:

    he is wearing a help our heroes shirt and a hoodie

    Harry Styles' last red carpet:

    harry is in a brown checkered suit with a bag

    34. Hilary Duff's first red carpet:

    hilary is in a pink dress in the late '90s

    Hilary Duff's last red carpet:

    hilary is at a baby event in a sparkly pink gown

    35. Paris Hilton's first red carpet:

    Paris is with her family in a princess dress in 1987

    Paris Hilton's last red carpet:

    paris is in a white princess gown in 2021

    36. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's first red carpet:

    the rock is at the emmy awards with an open shirt revealing his shirtless chest

    Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's last red carpet:

    the rock is holding a drink at the people's choice awards

    37. Pete Davidson's first red carpet:

    Pete is wearing a gray T-shirt at a comedy club in 2011

    Pete Davidson's last red carpet:

    Pete is smoking a joint on the red carpet

    38. Kieran Culkin's first red carpet:

    kiernan is with his brother macaulay in a tux circa 1991

    Kieran Culkin's last red carpet:

    kieran is at the succession premiere in a black suit

    39. Jason Momoa's first red carpet:

    jason is at the seventeen magazine premiere looking baywatch-esque

    Jason Momoa's last red carpet:

    Jason is in a stylish velvet suit with a big grin

    40. Lady Gaga's first red carpet:

    Lady gaga is wearing dark sunglasses and black leggings

    Lady Gaga's last red carpet:

    lady gaga is in a sparkly number at a house of gucci premiere with adam driver

    41. Ariana Grande's first red carpet:

    At planet hollywood

    Ariana Grande's last red carpet:

    Ariana is wearing a huge gray gown at the grammys

    42. Khloé Kardashian's first red carpet:

    Khloé is at a svedka vodka release party

    Khloé Kardashian's last red carpet:

    Khloé is in a sequined silver outfit

    43. Kim Kardashian's first red carpet:

    kim is in a maroon outfit at a playstation 3 event

    Kim Kardashian's last red carpet:

    kim is in head-to-toe black with black sunglasses

    44. Kendall and Kylie Jenner's first red carpet:

    the two are tweens at a keeping up viewing party

    Kylie and Kendall Jenner's last red carpet:

    the girls in all their glory at the 2019 met gala

    45. Will Smith's first red carpet:

    Will is wearing a suit with DJ Jazzy Jeff at the '98 VMAs

    Will Smith's last red carpet:

    Will at the red carpet for the Peacock series Bel-Air

    46. Jennifer Aniston's first red carpet:

    Jennifer is at an NBC party in 1990 looking very 1990

    Jennifer Aniston's last red carpet:

    Jennifer is winning an award for the Hollywood Reporter in a black dress

    47. Zendaya's first red carpet:

    zendaya is at a disney award show in a hotel

    Zendaya's last red carpet:

    zendaya is in a gorgeous black-and-white gown at the euphoria season 2 premiere

    48. Sir Ian McKellen's first red carpet:

    ian is on the street in the '70s

    Sir Ian McKellen's last red carpet:

    Ian is proposing to Patrick Stewart

    49. Miley Cyrus's first red carpet:

    miley is with billy ray

    Miley Cyrus's last red carpet:

    miley is in head-to-toe gucci at a gucci event

    50. Reese Witherspoon's first red carpet:

    Pleasentville red carpet

    Reese Witherspoon's last red carpet:

    Reese is with her daughter ava at the sing 2 premiere

    51. Meryl Streep's first red carpet:

    Meryl in the '70s with a huge smile on her face

    Meryl Streep's last red carpet:

    Meryl is in all black at the don't look up premiere

    52. Penn Badgley's first red carpet:

    penn is a tween in 2002 in a white button down

    Penn Badgley's last red carpet:

    pen is at a step and repeat for sirius xm

    53. Dylan and Cole Sprouse's first red carpet:

    the brothers are hugging each other in the 90s

    Dylan and Cole Sprouse's last red carpet:

    The brothers are hugging each other in 2020

    54. Dame Maggie Smith's first red carpet:

    Maggie in 1969 with a big haircut

    Dame Maggie Smith's last red carpet:

    Maggie is accepting a theater award in 2019

    55. Aaron Paul's first red carpet:

    aaron paul is dressed in a newsboy cap and jeans in 2002

    Aaron Paul's last red carpet:

    Aaron Paul is at the premiere of Reminiscence in 2021

    56. Oprah Winfrey's first red carpet:

    Oprah is pointing at someone at the Golden Globes

    Oprah Winfrey's last red carpet:

    Oprah smiling with hands on hips in a slinky white dress

    57. Keanu Reeves' first red carpet:

    Keanu in 1986 in a black-and-white photo

    Keanu Reeves' last red carpet:

    Keanu is in a suit at the new Matrix premiere

    58. Zoë Kravitz's first red carpet:

    zoe is with her mom and shes a tiny baby

    Zoë Kravitz's last red carpet:

    zoe is in a cute floral dress in miami

    59. Scarlett Johansson's first red carpet:

    scarjo is but a wee tween

    Scarlett Johansson's last red carpet:

    scarjo is at the sing 2 premiere

    60. Maude Apatow's first red carpet:

    maude is with her famous parents as a little kid

    Maude Apatow's last red carpet:

    Maude at the Euphoria red carpet in a sleeveless outfit

    61. Courteney Cox's first red carpet:

    Courteney is with her boyfriend at the Emmys

    Courteney Cox's last red carpet:

    Courteney is at the BRIT Awards with her partner

    62. And lastly, Meghan Markle's first red carpet:

    Meghan is in jeans at a PR event

    Meghan Markle's last red carpet:

    Meghan is in a gorgeous red gown with Prince Harry

    FYI, some pictures are *technically* not their absolute first red carpet appearance, but it was the first picture I found that qualified.