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18 Highly Relatable God Warrior Vines

I am the God Warrior. You are the God Warrior. We are ALL the God Warrior.

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1. When you open your fridge and something obviously went bad but you can't figure out what it is.

2. When you accidentaly open a Facebook message you didn't mean to open and it gets marked as "seen."

3. When there is drama at happy hour and you know you should just go home.

4. When you bottom after you haven't bottomed in a really long time.

5. When someone asks you for a "moment of your time" when you're walking down the street.

6. When someone from your high school posts an entire album of engagement photos to Facebook.

7. When you walk into work during the summer and notice just how sweaty you really are.

8. When someone sends you their nudes.

9. When your friend can't finish their fries so they give them to you.

10. When your friend tells you they got back together with their ex you already trashed to hell.

11. When someone tells you they're thinking about growing a man bun.

12. When you think the baristas at Starbucks forgot your drink because someone behind you got their drink before you.

13. When your friend asks you how you're doing when it's clear that you're unhappy to be there.

14. When you walk into the gay club.

15. When you go to a bar with your friends that you know is going to be douchey AF and you have had enough.

16. When the dick too big.

17. When your friend complains to you about the juice cleanse they've been on and you don't give a shit.

18. When straight dudes start talking about "banging girls" in front of you when you're clearly gay.

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