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    99% Of The World Got Engaged And/Or Pregnant Last Week

    There must be something in the water but it surely isn't coming out my faucet.

    This post is for the approximately seven of you in the entire world who DID NOT get engaged or pregnant this past week.

    Some gay on Facebook

    Welcome. This is a safe zone. A zone with ZERO "announcements" or "personal news" or awkward blob-like pictures of ultrasounds (no offense).

    Some gay on Twitter

    Rogue and random engagements are everywhere this holiday season.

    Everyone and I mean EVERYONE got engaged over break. I don’t even have a boyfriend but yet I feel like I too am engaged that’s how many people got engaged.


    Some gay on Twitter

    All feeds are clogged with "I'm pregnant!" or "We're engaged!" and I'm just like *Jennifer Lopez voice* ENOUGH.

    Some gay on Twitter

    We're here. (Some of us) are queer. And we're single.

    Some gay on Twitter


    Some gay on Twitter

    I guess lol.

    It's just strange that like the entire world is now engaged.

    Why did everyone on my Facebook get engaged yesterday lmao

    And while it can send a very large percentage of us into a deep never-ending spiral of resentment, hate, depression, and also anxiety.

    Some gay on Twitter

    It's important to just, like, mute everyone.

    Some gay on Twitter


    I’m so happy for everyone who got engaged this week, but to my future husband, please do not propose to me on a holiday. Thanks in advance 🥰

    In 2019, it's all about the ho and glow baby. Ho and glow.

    Some gay on Twitter

    Relationships and babies are overrated.

    The end.

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