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Evan Rachel Wood Really, Really, Really Hated "Cats" And Tweeted About It

"I am...SPEECHLESS 😭😭😭"

Everyone is seeing Cats.

And the critics are loving it.

But one person, Evan Rachel Wood, really, really, really, really hated it.

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She tweeted a scathing review:

Twitter / Via

Then she told some guy that it felt like she was going to die.

Then she retweeted this person who said it was an insult to OG Cats musical fans.

@evanrachelwood It's an insult to mainstream audiences and it's an insult to the OG Cats musical fans 😭 Who is this movie FOR

She deleted her original tweet review, but she kept up her video reaction, which also is just as harsh:

evan rachel wood watched cats 🐱

In conclusion, everyone go see Cats! I forgot to mention that there are multiple scenes where Rebel Wilson unzips her literal skin and eats dancing cockroaches that for some reason have human faces.

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