People Are Freaking Out Over Ernie Hudson's Age — Like, I Truly Cannot Believe This Man Is 78 Years Old

    Can I say something...

    Let's talk about ageless celebrities:

    Paul Rudd has looked 32 for 20 years.

    Paul Rudd at an event wearing a black suit and a casual black shirt

    They say Gwen Stefani made a deal with the devil.

    Gwen Stefani holding a plaque at the Orange County Music, Arts & Entertainment Hall of Fame 2023 event, smiling, with two individuals partly visible behind her

    And Halle Berry pretty much looks the way she did in the '90s.

    Halle posing with hands on hips, wearing a sheer blouse with bow details

    But now there might be a new supreme, and that supreme is Ernie Hudson.

    Ernie poses confidently at a promotional event with hands on hips

    People on X, formerly Twitter, are freaking out over the fact that Mr. Hudson is 78 years old.

    Ernie in a black T-shirt posing with arms crossed in front of a "Frozen 2" movie poster

    Yep, the man is 78 years old.

    Seventy fucking Eight??

    — Dan Thomas (@ItsDanThomas) March 26, 2024
    Twitter: @ItsDanThomas

    To put that into perspective, he's almost 80!!

    Ernie Hudson is almost 80.

    — Brandon Bird (@Brandon_Bird) March 25, 2024
    Getty Images / Via Twitter: @Brandon_Bird

    "This man is six months older than Donald Trump," one person said.

    This man is six months older than Donald Trump.

    — Franklin Leonard (@franklinleonard) March 27, 2024
    Getty Images / Via Twitter: @franklinleonard

    "Absolutely unreal," another person said.

    Absolutely unreal.

    — DrewMcWeeny (@DrewMcWeeny) March 27, 2024
    Getty Images / Via Twitter: @DrewMcWeeny

    In all honesty, the man is THE "aging dream."

    This man is almost 80

    Ernie Hudson is the aging dream

    — Okiro (@TheFirstOkiro) March 26, 2024
    Getty Images / Via Twitter: @TheFirstOkiro

    Now, excuse me while I get *that* skincare routine started I've been talking about doing for years now.