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Dear God, There Are Children Who Don't Know Who JoJo Is

I can't even deal with this controversy.

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This is problematic:

Wait, what the fuck?

Leave/get out, troubled youth. Joanna NoΓ«lle Blagden Levesque is an iconic legend you should know about if you want to "be in the know."


While Joanna NoΓ«lle Blagden Levesque is an iconically long name, she is better known as JoJo.

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JoJo became relevant in 2004 when she was like 7 or 11 or 14 or something. Basically, she was really young and her music videos were made in schools.

JoJo made the words "leave" and "get out" synonymous.

She also brought parentheses back.

She sat on the ground next to lockers...

The heals 😍😍😍😍

The heals 😍😍😍😍

...used a thick-ass phone...

...and wanted you to know that boys really do stink.

This one time she posed with a giant tennis racquet.

Brad Barket / Getty Images

Another time she posed with Lindsay Lohan.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

OK, so yeah, it rules.

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"Too Little, Too Late" is another masterpiece released around the same time. It' guessed it...iconic.

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In this music video she wore funky sunglasses.

TL;DR: JoJo is a true pop legend.

But then JoJo went away, fought with her record label, released a few really good mixtapes, and remained iconic.

Please listen to her remix of "Marvin's Room" immediately.

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And now, fast-forward to 2015: JoJo is back with a "tringle," meaning a three-single album. It's called III.

Jonathan Leibson

It's great and legendary and cool. The song "Save My Soul" will give you chills.

In conclusion,

JoJo fucking rules. Thanks for stopping by!

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