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29 Things Millennials Considered "Hot Guy Things" That Definitely Aren't "Hot Guy Things" Anymore


1. Guys with this "bangs for days" haircut:

Zac Efron with a side bang hairstyle/

2. Guys who just, like, dry humped the air in a congo line:

3. Guys who enjoyed giving each other wet willies while eating pizza:

4. This type of sweaty man-boy wiggling:

5. Guys with super flat-ironed hair that made this face in every pic they took:

6. Guys who wore zippered baby tees:

7. Just a bunch of guys slapping their own asses:

8. Guys who wore suggestive graphic tees:

A photo of Chris Pratt wearing a green T-shirt with "Take Me For A Ride" written on it.

9. Guys with thermals under short-sleeve T-shirts (but especially graphic tees) and polos:

A photo of John Cho wearing a white thermal underneath a dark gray polo.

10. Guys who weren't afraid to expose a tit or two:

A photo of singer Don Philip wearing a black button-up shirt with only one button in the center buttoned.

11. Guys who wore fedoras (even if they low-key looked ridic in them):

A photo of Ashton Kutcher on stage receiving a Teen Choice surfboard award while wearing a black fedora.

12. Guys who liked having hot wax poured on their chest:

13. Any guy with extremely spiky gelled-up hair:

A photo of Freddie Prinze Jr. in a suit with spiky frosted tip hair.

14. And ESPECIALLY spiky tips that were frosted:

A close-up shot of Freddie Prinze Jr.'s lavender frosted tips.

15. Guys with extremely baggy cargo shorts:

Back Street Boys' Howie Dorough wearing baggy green cargo pants and a Von Dutch cap:

16. Guys who went full-on Canadian tuxedo and wore denim on denim:

A photo of Tyson Beckford on a red carpet wearing a large denim blazer with jeans.

17. Any guy wearing this exact "going out for the night" outfit:

Aaron Paul on the red carpet for a Teen Vogue even wearing baggy distressed bootcut jeans and a stripped button down.

18. Guys who wore matching track suits without shirts:

A photo of B2K wearing matching light black tracksuits.

19. Any guy who wore beaded and shelled necklaces — preferably puka:

A photo of Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez on stage at each wearing several shell and beaded necklaces.

20. Guys with this haircut:

A photo of Ryan Cabrera with wildly spiky hair and blonde highlights.

21. Guys who were really good at making dramatic hand movements:

A photo of the Backstreet Boys in velvet suits with Nick Carter making magic hands.

22. Guys who hung out together in piles of stuffed animals:

A photo of the Backstreet Boys lying on a bunch of stuffed animals.

23. Guys with very large striped ties that they wore with untucked button downs:

A photo of Wilmer Valderrama wearing a large striped tie worn with a jeans, an untucked button down, and velour jacket.

24. Guys in distressed bootcut jeans and Chucks:

Diego Luna wearing bootcut jeans and black Converses.

25. Guys with faux hawks:

A photo of David Beckham during a practice sporting a faux hawks.

26. Guys with shredded clothing:

Lance Bass wearing an ivory knitted turtle neck sweater with a the entire bottom portion ripped.

27. Guys with reflective leather clothing:

NSYNC wearing all leather outfits with reflective accents.

28. Any of the guys who had to stand shirtless outside an Abercrombie in the mall:

A shirtless guy waving at the camera while standing in front of an Abercrombie & Fitch.

29. And finally, literally any guy who worked at Hollister and rocked weirdly, almost green-tinted distressed jeans with Hollister logo tees:

Jessie McCartney standing inside a Hollister.