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Drake Got A Tattoo Of Himself Walking In Front Of The Beatles Because He Broke Their Records

Important question: Would you get a tattoo of yourself?

Drake has beaten multiple records set by the Beatles.

In 2018, Drake broke the record for most songs simultaneously in the Billboard Hot 100 top 10 with seven. The previous record was held by the Beatles with five. He also broke their record for most Billboard Hot 100 top 10s in a year with 12. They had 11.

So Drake did what anyone would in his position: He got a tattoo of himself walking in front of the Beatles.


Here's that tattoo:

Drake has a tattoo of himself in front of the Beatles on his arm. “I got more slaps than the Beatles...”

And here's another closeup:

And here's a rendering of what the tattoo looks like:



Very interesting.


So, yeah, as someone with zero allegiance to the Beatles, I say congratulations to you, Drake!

Now, please take this poll because I need to know your opinion.

  1. What do you think of Drake's tattoo?

    What do you think of Drake's tattoo?

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What do you think of Drake's tattoo?
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