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    23 Things People Who Work At Dunkin' Donuts Really, REALLY Need You To Know

    Pay attention!!!!!

    1. First and foremost, it's annoying when you compare Dunkin' Donuts to Starbucks.

    2. It's also annoying when you use Starbucks sizes.

    3. I think it's safe to say: Just never mention Starbucks when you're in a Dunkin' Donuts.

    4. Don't complain about the cold when you're in the drive-thru. You opened your window for like 10 seconds; they keep opening theirs all day.

    5. Free coffee day is one of the busiest days of the year...

    6. is National Doughnut Day...

    7. ...and also Valentine's Day.

    8. They are judging you when you place crazy and/or weird orders.

    Like, this is a milkshake, not a coffee.

    9. Never, EVER, put your money on the counter like this.

    10. Don't complain about the prices of doughnuts; it's not like the people working there are pricing them.

    11. Please, PLEASE, pay attention.

    12. Again, PAY ATTENTION.

    13. It sucks when you order one of those big ole Boxes o' Joe in the drive-thru.

    14. Don't ask a Dunkin' employee to pick doughnuts out for you.

    15. Never order a black coffee with cream and sugar. That is not a thing, but some people apparently think it is.

    16. Do not order a "classic doughnut." That is also not a thing.

    17. When you order gift cards, try not to order 100 of them at once.

    They have to ring them up separately.

    18. Don't ask the cashier what doughnuts they have — they are literally right there in front of your face.

    19. When they ask you how your day is, answer them.

    20. If you're on a tour bus or with a soccer league or any large group, you should realize that you're a lot of work.

    21. Basically, don't be a dick.

    22. You never know what someone's going through — like, they could be knee-deep in a broken Coolatta machine.

    23. And if you need to remember anything from this BuzzFeed post, it's these basic rules:

    H/T to @DunkinProbs for a bunch of these!