Dolly Parton Shared The Secret To Her 56-Year Marriage To Her Elusive Husband, Carl Thomas Dean

    I feel like Dolly's husband is the neighbor from Home Improvement across the fence.

    Dolly Parton has been married for 56 years (!!!) to her super-elusive husband, Carl Thomas Dean.

    Dolly smiling

    There are only a handful of pictures of them online together.

    Really, like, probably a dozen.

    And every time Dolly posts a new pic of the two of them together, it goes viral.

    It's a "public reveal" every single time.

    My life plan is to be like Dolly Parton and not publicly reveal my husband until we have been married for 55 years

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    Anyway, Dolly shared the secret to her half-century-long marriage with ET Canada.

    Dolly sitting and holding a microphone

    “I like it when people say, ‘How did it last so long?’ I say, ‘I stay going," she said.

    ET smiling and holding her arms out on the red carpet

    "So we’re not in each other’s face all the time. He’s not in the business, so we have different interests, but yet we have the things we love to do together."

    Dolly onstage with a guitar

    She added, “We both have a warped sense of humor. And I think humor, honestly, is one of the best things when you’re married like that."

    Dolly smiling

    Dolly continued, "Even if you have a problem, if you have a great sense of humor, if you say something you can’t take back, [you] usually have some crazy way of getting out of it."

    Dolly holding an award at a podium

    So, there ya go!

    Dolly onstage with a guitar

    The secret to a 56-year-long marriage is a warped sense of humor.