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Dolly Parton Shared A Rare Photo Of Her Hot Husband, Carl Dean, And Suddenly I'm Jolene About To Take Her Man

On my way to take her man. (JK, we would never!)

The day has finally come: National treasure Dolly Parton has blessed us with a "soft launch" of her husband.

Dolly Parton appears as a guest on The TODAY Show
Nbc / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Miss Dolly shared an old photo where she is holding hands with her man, Carl Dean. The two have been married for 55 years, yet this is the first time Carl Dean has appeared on any of her social media accounts.

As if this weren't iconic enough, Miss Dolly seems to have photoshopped her merch shirt onto Carl Dean's body. Now that's effective advertising!

The "Dolly Vintage Collage" Tee is available for purchase on the star's merchandise store

But honestly, what a historic moment — 55 years is a LONG time to keep your husband hidden away, especially when he's a hottie!

Dolly Parton rocks a bright outfit as she sings in front of an audience
Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Of course, Twitter was lighting up with reactions.

Dolly Parton doing a husband reveal after 50+ years is so iconic

Twitter: @PinkYetiCup

Take notes, everyone.

My life plan is to be like Dolly Parton and not publicly reveal my husband until we have been married for 55 years

Twitter: @jackiestoy4

Points were made.

so dolly parton doesn’t post her hot husband for fifty years but you guys post your ugly boyfriends 24/7?

Twitter: @hannahbrowntana

Many people approved...

dolly parton soft launching pic of her husband after 50+ years and photoshopping a dolly shirt on him my fave 2021 event

Twitter: @zippersdmn

...because who wouldn't!?

dolly parton’s soft launch of her husband of 55 years is so iconic

Twitter: @theineffability

BRB, gonna go buy Dolly's merch.