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Serena Williams Learns The Hard Way Why You Don't Eat Dog Food

This is hilarious. #ImWithHer

Serena Williams' grand adventure of eating dog food and shitting her brains out started with her Snapchatting a picture of a hotel that had its own dog food menu.

And she was like...

...seems legit. I would try.

Then she ordered the salmon and rice, and it looked like this. Notice the fancy spoon...

...again, seems legit. I would try.

And so she tried it...


...poop attack.

It wasn't pretty.

In the end, Serena wrote a little warning on the dog food menu.

Lesson learned: If you are a human — DO NOT EAT. IT MAKES YOU SHIT!!

Watch the full Snapchat video here:

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And for shits 'n' gigglez...