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Lindsay Lohan Might Have Abandoned Her Mykonos Club And Here Are The Pictures That Prove It

It's not there anymore.

Once upon a time, like just last June, Lindsay Lohan had a thriving beach club in Mykonos called — wait for it — "Lohan Beach House."

It honestly looked really nice.

Very gorgeous.

Good food.

Cute Lohan branding.

Honestly, it was impressive.

Lindsay was loving life!

She even had her own MTV show, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club.


Now, Page Six is reporting that Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club is canceled and so is her Mykonos location.


This is backed up by pictures I found on Instagram and Trip Advisor that show the beach club is basically abandoned.

On Trip Advisor, this person said it was a "pile of rocks."

A pile of rocks!

And here's a faded "Lohan" sign.

Another person posted this picture and said "It looks like they’re renovating?! So much construction and it’s a shell of a place...but they were loading in new dishwashers and ice chests today."

The "pile of rocks" review goes on to say, "It's under new ownership and the Lohan sign is stripped off. That's not how you throw a party in Mykonos, Lindsay."

Another review from April says, "I have sent numerous emails and every time I try to call, the number is not in service or it is just busy."

Now, it could be because it's the off-season OR maybe it's under new ownership. Anyway, I'm sure we'll be hearing from Lindsay about it soon.

Until then, Trip Advisor says it's CLOSED.