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    The Secret Best Part About Andrew Garfield

    Its been there all along...

    I was told by my superiors that I have to preface the following images with a graphic image warnings because they are, quite frankly, "explicit." We're talking some TV-MA status shit.

    I. KNOW.

    Your eyes are not deceiving you. There is no sorcery involved in this post.

    There is no magic. Just ass.

    Now, I know what you're saying.

    "What in the actual... fuuuuck?!" - You right now.

    "Give me that ass!! I'll take 3!" - You right now

    "He has a cute butt" - Your mom (probably)

    Now that you've gotten over your initial "ass shock", here's a carefully curated collection of similarly gratifying and gratuitous pictures of Andrew Garfield's ass.

    This first one features excellent side-cheek.

    Here's some great under-cheek.

    This one he's caressing a ve-hicle in a gentle, tender manner.

    This is a gif that could make your head explode.

    And lastly, here's one of him giving it up + getting it in.

    Happy travels!