It has gone too far.

1. It has come to my attention that everyone’s mom has absolutely no idea how to use abbreviations.

2. This problem has become especially apparent over the course of the past few years as massive amounts of moms have started using the texting medium.

3. Problem is, they have NO IDEA how to use this medium effectively.

4. It’s believed moms think they’re being clever with their abbreviations…

5. … when, in fact, they’re making absolutely no. sense. AT. ALL.

7. You see, moms don’t understand that leaving out one letter is kind of weird.

lol my mom abbreviates "thanks" to "thnks"....... Like why? You're literally taking one letter out

— mary carson (@MurreCarson)

9. They don’t realize that most people just say type out “yes.”

my mom abbreviates a LIIIIIIITTLE too much.

— maggie (@magg_3)

10. They’re also unaware of “teen slang” and can fall victim to saying wildly inappropriate things.

I always laugh when my mom abbreviates thought

— Jacob (@neSCOREa)

11. For example, this meant “assignments.”

12. STD meant “standard”:

I always chuckle when my mom abbreviates "standard" as "STD" via text.

— Emily Peachey (@epeachh)

13. Ck meant “chicken”:

The way my mom abbreviates

— doreen (@doreenkamal)

14. And don’t get me started about their fascination with potatoes.

Texting my mom cracks me up. She abbreviates things that shouldn't be abbreviated. Example: "pot" means potatoes. "get pot from store" haha

— Christie (@MissChris52_11)

15. They just have no idea.

My mom abbreviates potato as pot #okay

— Maddie Salas (@mdawgsalas)

17. Another area moms fail horribly at is the abbreviation of store names.

while most people abbreviate Urban Outfitters to "Urban", my mom abbreviates it to "Outfitters"

— Lelia Milner (@lmilner14)

18. It’s just no one calls it that.

Mom abbreviates Cracker Barrel to "Crack Bar"

— Cari Johnson (@Carii_J)

19. And don’t get me started on the phenomenon of adding an “s” to the end of words.

My mom calls it "Walmarts," and that drives me insane. #TrueStory

— Matthew Hurtt (@matthewhurtt)

20. So, how can you help?

When my mom texts me she always abbreviates random words for example hairspray-hairsp absolutely-absolu boyfriend-boyfr #likewhy lmfao

— jan-AYE (@janayenaynay)

21. Just simply tell your mom: “YOU CAN’T MAKE UP YOUR OWN ABBREVIATIONS, MOM.”

the fact that my mom abbreviates working at home as wah gets me cant just make up your own abbreviations #sueprobs

— cara paolino (@babycur93)

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