People Are Divided Over Reese Witherspoon's 20-Year-Old Son's Fancy New York City Apartment

    My only complaint is that it's *suspiciously* clean.

    Deacon Phillippe is Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe's 20-year-old aspiring musician son who goes to school in NYC.

    Closeup of Deacon and Ryan Phillippe

    He recently showed off his fancy West Village apartment to one of those guys who asks *random* people on the street to show him their places.


    Here's the tour:


    @Deacon Location: West village Occuaption: student

    ♬ original sound - CALEB SIMPSON

    As you can see, his apartment has enormous ceilings and some of that gorgeous exposed brick New Yorkers won't shut the hell up about.

    Deacon in his apartment

    It's a duplex, and he has roommates.


    There's a vinyl wall.

    Deacon showing his vinyl wall

    His bedroom has not one but two large windows, which is a luxury in NYC.


    He's got some funky art.

    Closeup of Deacon

    The kitchen is pretty standard stuff.

    Deacon's kitchen

    And lastly, what 20-year-old college kid's bathroom wouldn't have a dirty towel on the ground?

    Deacon's bathroom

    Overall, it's really nice, and it has to cost a shit ton of money, considering the location and size.

    Deacon's apartment

    The comments are where things got a little messy.

    There's of course some good ol' fashioned "nepo baby" discourse.

    "Nepo Baby says, 'West Village prices man' Hahahahahaha"

    "How much do you pay? The correct answer is: Ask mom and dad," this person said.

    "How much do you pay?"

    At the same time, people are coming to his defense.

    "he even has roommates!"

    "Why are people being mean? He's in school. Seems humble. Has roommates," this person said.

    "Why are people being mean?"

    At the end of the day, what I'm really impressed with is how clean everything is*.

    "Cleanest boy apartment I've ever seen"