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19 Things You'll Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Fireball

WTF = Where's The Fireball?

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1. Every night out starts with WTF?*

*Where's The Fireball?

2. And every night ends with WTF?

Twitter: @jeremiahcosner

"Let's do one more shot."

3. Your groceries look a lot like this:

4. You'd slap this bag without hesitation:

5. And seeing this brings a tear of joy to your eye:

6. You relate to this picture on a spiritual level:

7. And you've lived this vicious cycle:

8. "Cinnamon" isn't a scent to you anymore:

9. It's become a staple of your home decor:

10. And pretty much any surface you can put it on:

11. And, maybe, just maybe, it's become a staple of your body decor:


12. You'd literally break through a fuckin' block of ice for it:

Twitter: @FireballWhisky


13. You know there's always an excuse to drink it, whether you're exercising:

14. On top of a G.D. mountain:

15. Getting married:

16. Getting old:

17. Or if you're "only having one drink":

... Even if last night ended like this:

18. You know it's the best way to make new friends:

19. And the best way to tell time:

The best way to tend the fields: