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Britney Spears Googled A Picture Of Corn To Post On Instagram

She is amazing.

Whether she's taking makeup mirror selfies with her endearing iPhone 5s...

... showing you the whitest tacos ever made...

... or posting pictures of blurry mugs with mediocre, inspiring Pinterest quotes...

It's honestly no secret, Britney Spears has become the best person on Instagram.

And just when you thought it couldn't get better... it actually, got better.

Randomly, Britney Spears posted this picture of corn. Like, she literally posted a picture of corn on the cob.

Better yet, she said that the PICTURE OF CORN was "honestly too good to be true."

lol wut?

Then, because this is the internet. People found out that Britney just Googled "mexican grilled corn" and this was the result.

Like it was the top result 😂

She just screenshotted the picture 😩

In essence, Britney Spears was thinking about corn, she Google image searched it, took a screenshot of it, and posted a picture of it on her Instagram.

Britney Spears is all of us.

H/t Daniel Christopher.