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    18 Times Paris Hilton Basically Owned Kim Kardashian

    "Shut up, Kim!"

    1. The time Paris made Kim follow her with a literal hand fan to manually cool her down whenever she felt hot.

    "lol this sucks."

    2. The time Paris made Kim literally hold her bodyweight because she didn't feel like standing up and supporting her weight.

    3. The time Paris refused to speak or make eye contact with Kim directly, only speaking to her via text.

    "lol this sucks."

    4. That time Paris wouldn't introduce Kim to Justin Timberlake...

    5. ...and Kim just kind of had to stand there like a sorry person.

    "lol this sucks."

    6. The time during Oktoberfest when Kim was looking at Paris for direction but Paris wouldn't give her any advice.

    7. The time she made her clean her closets.

    8. That time Paris made Kim hold up a stuffed kangaroo so she could conveniently kiss it.

    "lol this sucks."

    9. The time she told her to shut the hell up.

    10. The time Paris made Kim dance worse than her so she would look better.

    "lol this sucks."

    11. That time Kim had to take care of Paris all night because she was clearly the DD.

    12. That time Paris forgot to get Kim a ticket and Kim had to (try to) scam her way in.

    13. The time these kids wanted a picture with Paris and Kim was in the background like:

    "lol this sucks."

    14. The time Paris made Kim laugh at her bad joke.

    15. The time Paris wouldn't laugh at Kim's bad joke.

    16. The time Kim got Paris this crazy energy drink and Paris wouldn't let Kim try it.

    17. That time Paris made Kim go shopping for babies.

    18. And lastly, the time this amazing moment happened. Amen.

    "lol this sucks." 😑