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    A Tweet From Cher Went Viral And Turned Into A Meme And It's So Dumb But Also So Funny

    I needed this.

    Cher is somewhat of a Twitter legend.

    Whats going on with mycareer

    Whether she's tweeting about getting colonics on Madonna's birthday.

    I got a colonic.RT @lolyabitch @cher how did you celebrate Madonna's birthday?

    Or blocking someone's dad.

    I blocked someone's DAD !?! Who was it ?

    Cher is always, well, tweeting.

    And now a Cher tweet is going viral and the meme it spawned is so stupid but is also making me laugh.

    The tweet was simple Cher fare — "I'm here."

    But then, because we all are bored, trapped in our monotonous never-changing lives, the tweet took on a life of its own.

    Unmuting myself in a Zoom meeting

    me at the grocery store: everyone ive ever matched with on bumble and hinge and tinder:

    *doesnt have to poop at all* *takes big sip of coffee* My poop:

    My Uber when I ordered it 0.9 seconds ago

    me when I get to a restaurant before my friends and I'm completely alone, only to suffer with my social anxiety:

    millennials texting their friends because ringing doorbells is too confrontational

    my most used text

    Me walking into my classroom five minutes late holding a full iced coffee

    Me to my friend when I’m still a solid 5 minutes away

    me to my grindr hook up when i’m at his door

    marking yourself as safe from a natural disaster on facebook even tho u are 7,000 miles away from it

    Me sitting on the toilet with the lights off when someone tries to open the door

    And lastly and most appropriately:

    Gays lining up to quote tweet this woman every time she tweets

    So, thank you to Cher and thank you to homosexuals for this moment. LYLAS.