Cheez-Its Has Responded To The Pop-Tarts Bowl Fiasco With Their Own Mascot And Message

    I'm pretty sure this would kill a Victorian child.

    The 2023 Pop-Tarts Bowl was truly one of the most unhinged American things ever.

    In case you somehow missed it, a couple of days ago, an edible mascot named "Strawberry" was essentially brutally sacrificed.

    Here we are... the edible mascot in the Pop-Tarts Bowl..

    — PJ Green (@PJGreenTV) December 29, 2023
    Twitter: @PJGreenTV

    Poor Strawberry was lowered into a giant toaster and then eaten.

    "After the game he will be devoured, he will die, and he will be his own last meal" @PopTartsBowl

    — Gifdsports (@gifdsports) December 29, 2023
    Twitter: @gifdsports

    Yes, eaten.

    America is THRIVING. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

    — Tom Fornelli (@TomFornelli) December 29, 2023
    Twitter: @TomFornelli

    It was somewhat disturbing.

    This is like those videos they used to show in driver’s ed.

    — Sickos Committee (@SickosCommittee) December 29, 2023
    Twitter: @SickosCommittee

    Anyway, RIP Strawberry.

    The end of an era #PopTartsBowl

    — Casey (@C4SEY85) December 29, 2023
    Twitter: @C4SEY85

    Miss you, always. <3

    “This is my body, broken for you.”

    — Joshua Brisco (@jbbrisco) December 29, 2023
    Twitter: @jbbrisco

    But now, because this is how capitalism works, another mascot has risen.

    The Cheez-It has risen

    — Pardon My Take (@PardonMyTake) January 1, 2024
    Twitter: @PardonMyTake

    Yes, it's a giant Cheez-It.

    Cheez-Its definitely saw the Pop-Tart mascot the other day and scrambled to put this together

    — BetMGM 🦁 (@BetMGM) January 1, 2024
    Twitter: @BetMGM

    As this person said, "The strawberry Pop-Tart walked so the Cheez-It could run."

    The Strawberry Pop Tart walked so the Cheez-It could run

    — Will Boling (@will_boling) January 1, 2024
    Twitter: @will_boling

    The only difference is this mascot had a different message: He is "non-edible."

    The Cheez-It mascot does not want to be eaten

    — Rodger Sherman (@rodger) January 1, 2024
    Twitter: @rodger

    Anyway, you got us, corporate America.

    Fun Fact: Pop Tarts and Cheez-Its are made by the same company. Hooray corporate synergy!

    — Asa Zynhard (@RabidDogman) January 1, 2024
    Twitter: @RabidDogman

    I'm just happy I didn't have to watch another one of my beloved foods go out like that.

    Ched-Z is back!

    (and does not want to be eaten)

    — Cheez-It Citrus Bowl (@CitrusBowl) January 1, 2024
    Twitter: @CitrusBowl