Some People Are Seriously Saying Celine Dion Is "Demonic" And Here's Why

    Not a joke!

    Last month, in a stunning move, Celine Dion ended the concept of gender when she released a gender-neutral children's clothing line.

    While most people were overjoyed that gender was finally a thing of the past because Celine Dion said so, there were some, a select few, that thought the whole thing was satanic.

    Some priest in particular told the National Catholic Register that the whole thing was demonic.

    To this I say, duh, everyone knows Celine Dion is satan-incarnate.

    Here's why:

    1. One time she dressed a baby up as a nut and ate it.

    2. She physically can't cry tears, so she has no remorse/soul.

    3. She built a waterpark just for the hell of it!

    4. One time she did this sexy leg shaving thing.

    5. One time she wore a suit backwards.

    6. And one time she took even took a kayak.

    7. Look, she can't even drink water.

    8. Years ago, Celine tried to infiltrate the LPGA with her devil-loving ways.

    9. *Prays heavily*

    10. She thinks she's a dog.

    11. She's violent.

    12. She even tried to recruit Leonardo DiCaprio to join her elite devil club.

    13. In her spare time, she runs people over in her car(s).

    14. She is always doing the illuminati code.

    15. She admitted to "not being good all the time."

    16. And I'm pretty sure she's killed at least eight men with those hands.

    The end.