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Celine Dion Ends Gender With Gender Neutral Baby Clothing Line And Iconic, Bizarre, And Hilarious Commercial

Queen of so much.

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Celine Dion has been known to end many things.


She ended boats when she took a kayak.


She ended wearing clothes on the right side when she wore a blazer-thing backwards.

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And most people don't know this, but golf has never been the same since she swung a club.

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But Celine has done one of her most iconic and amazing things yet. Yes, you read it in the title and know what I'm going to say, the rumors are true, Celine Dion has canceled the dusty-ass concept of "gender."

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Celine just released a gender neutral baby clothing line called CELINUNUNU. Celine announced her clothing line with a commercial that is truly madly deeply amazing. I'm not kidding.

Because I'm gay, let me break down this iconic commercial.

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The commercial starts with Celine Dion breaking into a hospital.

Apparently the hospital has zero security and no power because it's mad dark, so Celine Dion just kind of walks right in.

She looks at babies, gives them pretty harsh side eye.

Then these women are like why is Celine Dion walking in our dark hospital? They don't do a thing.

There's a closeup on some babies. The babies are wearing tired-ass pink and blue. As folk music icon Hilary Duff once said, these babies are "So yesterday*."

*No offense to the babies, they're babies.

*No offense to the babies, they're babies.

Celine walks into the room and it reminds me of one of my biggest nightmares: 7th grade gym class*.

*Boys vs. girls. Ew.

*Boys vs. girls. Ew.

Celine takes some weird magic powder out of her pocket and blows.

Boom! Gender is over! The babies are now wearing cool gender-neutral clothing.

It's much better.

But then Celine gets in trouble for spraying weird powder on babies.

She gets arrested.

It's iconic.

If you do one thing today, watch this commercial. It will bring you genuine joy:

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Oh yeah, you can look at the clothes here. They're mad expensive lol.

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