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Here's A Picture Of Justin Bieber And His Very, Very Large Hand

"Whoa, that is a big hand." - Everyone looking at this picture of Justin Bieber and his large hand.

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Good day, cool kids.

Bobbieo / Getty Images

Now that I have your attention, let's talk about my morning.


So I was reading Tyra Banks' oddly cryptic tweets...

Like this one...

Fierce or Treat Fierce or Treat Give me something Fierce to Eat


...this one...


...and this one.

Why do girls take pictures of their legs like this? Why am I taking a picture of my legs like this?



Then I stumbled upon a picture of Justin Bieber where his hand looks freakishly big.

I'm just gonna give it to you:

Gica, Rmcl / GICA / Maciel / BACKGRID

That's a big ole' honker*!

*Not being hand shamey.
Gica, Rmcl / GICA / Maciel / BACKGRID

*Not being hand shamey.

The end.

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