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    I Can't Stop Thinking About This Britney Spears Instagram Video After Her Sister Jamie Lynn's Apology

    I just don't think that's how I'd explain the plot of Frozen.

    Every now and then, Britney Spears goes on Instagram and answers fan questions.

    Britney Spears answers fan questions in new Instagram video.

    Twitter: @PopCrave

    The only thing is, for a while now, fans have been wondering: WHO THE HELL IS ASKING THESE QUESTIONS?

    Who does Britney think is asking these questions in her Instagram posts, and WHERE DOES SHE THINK WE ARE ASKING THEM?

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    Like, seriously, who is asking about her favorite business trip?


    One person said "Nobody asking you these Queen"
    @britneyspears / Via

    That said, in case you missed it, days after her explosive testimony, Britney's sister Jamie Lynn released a statement:

    @jamielynnspears / Via Instagram: @jamielynnspears

     “I felt like until my sister was able to speak for herself and say what she felt she needed to say publicly, that it wasn’t my place and it wasn’t the right thing to do," Jaime Lynn said on her Instagram story. "But now that she’s very clearly spoken and said what she needed to say, I can follow her lead." You can read her full statement here

    Fans' reactions to the response have been mostly negative.

    A person walking with a "Free Britney" poster
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    Which brings me back to a Q&A from almost exactly a year ago:

    Britney answers some questions "fans asked her," including one about what her favorite Disney movie is.

    @britneyspears / Via Instagram: @britneyspears

    "My favorite Disney movie is probably Frozen because I really like the fact that the two sisters, their relationship, and the one goes to a castle because she can't deal anymore."

    @britneyspears / Via Instagram: @britneyspears

    Two sisters? One goes to a castle because she can't deal? Sounds familiar.

    @britneyspears / Via Instagram: @britneyspears

    The Instagram post made a few headlines last year, but I think it makes sense more than ever now:

    The headline says "Britney Spears Fans Express Concern After She Explains Why 'Frozen' Is Her Favorite Disney Movie"

    In this same Q&A, Britney answered another question (that no one was asking) about if she has ever gotten a speeding ticket before.

    @britneyspears / Via Instagram: @britneyspears

    To which she said, "I've had one speeding ticket my whole life."

    Britney saw Bryan calling her a bad driver and she’s pissed

    The thing about this particular question is that right around this time, Britney's brother Bryan had given an interview where he said she was the "worst driver."

    This is such a frustrating interview with Bryan Spears. The interviewer (who couldn't even pronounce "conservatorship") has zero knowledge of "Free Britney" and Bryan joked about her freedom then whined about how much it "sucks" to have so many "strong-minded" women in the family

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    It could be a coincidence, but Britney has proven time and again she's smarter than that.

    Britney sitting at an awards shows
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    One thing's for sure, in Britney's testimony she said her family and her management were responsible for all of this. As Jezebel said, "When Britney Spears said she 'would honestly like to sue [her] family' she didn’t make exceptions."

    When Britney Spears said she “would honestly like to sue [her] family” she didn’t make exceptions

    Twitter: @Jezebel

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