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26 Things That Will Make 24-32 Year-Olds Laugh And Say "THAT'S Why I'm An Asshole"

AIM made us all jerks.

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1. When you would have away messages with angry and/or depressing lyrics aimed at a friend that you were currently in a fight with. Bonus points if you ever used lyrics from Avril Lavigne's "Complicated."


2. When you would meticulously edit your AIM profile to make it seem like you had a lot of friends with many inside jokes...meanwhile, you were like 12 and dumb.

3. When you would tell someone they couldn't have a piece of gum because you only had "one piece of gum left." Meanwhile, you had an entire pack.

4. When you wouldn't let someone use your phone because of your "minutes" even though you didn't pay for that shit.

5. When you would have entire sections on your buddy list dedicated to stalking people who went to your high school.

6. When you would purposely leave out "one of your girls" because you were fighting with them.

7. When you would say "BRB" but literally just sit there ignoring someone.

8. Honestly, AIM in general was just a vessel to be dramatic as hell.


9. When you would quietly take someone out of your Myspace Top 8 because you were pissed at them.

Kim Kardashian's old Myspace lol

10. When you would put up a fake away message to make someone think you were out doing something fun...


11. ...when actually you were just sitting there doing nothing except staring at your away message.

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

12. When you would steal your friend's Myspace profile song and acting like you had it first.


13. When you would break your parent's computer because you downloaded a fake MP3 on Limewire and then pretended like you had no idea what happened.


14. When you would lie on Myspace or LiveJournal surveys to make yourself seem more interesting.

15. When you would buy counterfeit stuff and pass it off as real.

16. When you would "borrow" a friend's CD or DVD and then lie when they found out at your house.

17. When you would "accidentally" pick up the phone to kick off your sibling off the internet.

Close-up of person hand holding telephone.
Kickimages / Getty Images

Close-up of person hand holding telephone.

18. When you would lie about your age on social networks.


19. When you would hide the remote under you (or a pillow) while you watched TV so that your siblings couldn't change the channel.


20. When you would cover the censor of the TV so your siblings couldn't change the channel.

^The cat is covering the censor.
Twitter: @FloPerry

^The cat is covering the censor.

21. When you won.

22. When you would ask your parents to buy you junk food at the grocery store and then hide it from your siblings when you got it.

23. When you would pick out all the cookie dough (or brownie pieces) from an ice cream pint and put it back in as if it came that way.

24. When you would ruthlessly screen your phone calls with one of these.

25. When you would find someone's Livejournal or Deadjournal and stalk the fuck out of them.


26. And finally, just like general jealousy for your friend that had a camera phone or flip phone, while you were stuck with a bricky piece of shit.

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

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