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Hey, Did You Know It's Really, Really Awful Being Gay In Russia?

Brb, never going there.

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Everyone's talking about Russia these days! But with all this cloak and dagger stuff in the news, there's one horrifying reality that has a tendency to get lost...


Read this. Tanya Cooper from Human Rights Watch told Al Jazeera:

"Before the gay propaganda law, LGBT people would not have been openly attacked in broad daylight ... but now they don't feel safe on the streets or even talking to people online."

Groups of people lure gay men online into real-life situations just so they can humiliate and publicly shame them. Read this from Al Jazeera:

A vigilante group called Occupy Paedophilia has gained infamy for using Russian social media to connect with gay men and lure them into traps, attacking and humiliating them on camera then posting the videos online, where they are shared and "liked."


Those are the basics. Now let's look at some pictures because visuals are better.


And lastly, while this is obviously less awful, this week it's being reported that images of Vladimir Putin as a gay clown (lol) are banned in Russia. The image has been regarded as "extremism."

To recap:

1. In Russia, it's illegal to have gay pride parades.

2. "Gay propaganda" (which, like, means what?) is also illegal there.

3. In the Russian republic of Chechnya, gay people are maybe being rounded up and killed.

4. It's seen as "extremism" to make Putin a gay clown.

and lastly,

5. They hate "Beauty & The Beast"!


While the FBI tries to figure out whatever sketchy secret stuff Russia is up to, here's some horrifying shit that's RIGHT OUT IN THE OPEN. It REALLY, really fucking sucks being gay there.