Barry Keoghan Revealed He Almost Had To Have His Arm Amputated Because Of A Flesh-Eating Virus

    Yeah, this is a worst-nightmare kind of thing.

    Barry Keoghan is very much the moment right now.

    I feel like the man has been everywhere the past few weeks, especially since Saltburn hit streaming.

    Emerald Fennell’s ‘SALTBURN’ scored one of the biggest debuts for a film on Prime Video.

    Viewership has grown four times since its first weekend on the service.

    — Film Updates (@FilmUpdates) January 9, 2024
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    He was one of many stars at the Golden Globes on Sunday.

    And now, an excerpt from a GQ cover story is going viral.

    Apparently, Barry recently had a life-threatening flesh-eating disease.

    The interviewer told the story in the GQ profile, saying, "Keoghan peels off his shirt, revealing a slightly pale, compactly muscled chest and the gnarly scar tissue that winds its way up his arm like a snake tattoo. A souvenir from a case of necrotizing fasciitis—a.k.a. flesh-eating disease—he caught a few years ago, right before The Banshees of Inisherin started shooting."

    "One in five cases are fatal; amputation, he says, was on the table. He remembers saying to the doctors, But I’m not gonna die, right? and the doctors saying, Well, we don’t know. McDonagh (the director of Banshees) remembers coming to see him just before shooting was set to begin."

    "I’m not sure if he was on a lot of meds, but he seemed to shrug it off. We were only about four days out from shooting, and his arm was puffed up. But he was like, ‘Yeah, no, I’m going to be fine—I’ll see you on Tuesday.’ I went to the hospital thinking, Shit—is he going to die? Let alone, is he going to make the movie. But I came out of there energized and looking forward to it."

    "Keoghan remembers the heart monitor beeping in the background and McDonagh saying, Just remember this when you’ve been nominated for an Oscar."

    It's wild because he WAS nominated for an Oscar after that.

    Someone on X or Twitter, or whatever, took a screenshot of the scar in Saltburn.

    Not gonna lie: that's definitely a gnarly scar, but at least he's got a good story (and an Oscar nomination) to go along with it.