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Ranking Every Ex-Boyband Song From The Last 20 Years From Really Awful To Really Great

An important list.

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23. "Whisper That Way" by Jeff Timmons

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When it came out: 2004

Boyband he came from: 98 Degrees

Yes, Jeff was the one in 98 Degrees with the hot tits. And yes, you have never heard this song before. Keep it that way.

20. "Walking On Air" by Lance Bass, Anise K, and Bella Blue

When it came out: 2015

Boyband he came from: NSYNC

I don't really have anything to say about the song but *that is* an interesting album cover. Kudos!


5. "Pillowtalk" by Zayn

When it came out: 2016

Boyband he came from: One Direction

The best One Direction person song so far (unless Harry's new song ends up aging like a fine wine instead of milk or almond milk).


3. "Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love)" by JC Chasez

When it came out: 2002

Boyband he came from: NSYNC

JC's album "Schizophrenic" is a masterpiece. This was a lead single that the world wasn't ready for. Incredibly underrated, sad, and TBQH: depressing!

2. "Give It To You" by Jordan Knight

When it came out: 1999

Boyband he came from: New Kids On The Block

The turtleneck in the video and the line "Anyone can make you swear, but I, can keep you wet" are iconic!!!!

1. "What's Left Of Me" by Nick Lachey

When it came out: 2007

Boyband he came from: 98 Degrees

A song with meaning, dark undertones, and vocals. THIS IS THE BEST SONG, end of story. Also, I never realized that the video was a literal Newlyweds homage. What a way to meet your future wife!

And here's a Spotify playlist:


This list of comprised of (mainly) all first singles. So I don't wanna hear you all complaining in the comments!! This list is 100% accurate!