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29 Pictures From Anti-Mask Rallies That Are Completely Surreal

"Don't smother the children!"

As we all know, it's common scientific knowledge that face masks slow the spread of the coronavirus.

But some people, regardless of the science, don't seem to agree.

Much like the pandemic, this vintage store warning sign escalated quickly

Anti-mask protests have been popping up around the US in response to states, cities, and counties implementing mandatory mask orders.

Here's what some of those look like:

1. At the beginning of July, there was a mask burning in Boise, Idaho.

Burning surgical masks in Boise, Idaho #coronavirus #WearAMask

2. Participants dangled face masks over a small fire like marshmallows.

3. This woman wore a shirt that said "unmask yourself" with what appears to be a picture of a chihuahua or a small dog on it.

4. At another protest a few weeks later, a group of people in Meridian, Idaho protested a potential mask mandate.

Meridian mayor @robertsimison has issued a statement supporting a possible county-wide mask order from CDH. The meeting that could mandate masks is happening now. In the meantime, anti-mask proponents are rallying outside Central District Health.

5. At that anti-mask protest, this person held a sign that said "Protect Our Children."

6. At the end of June, there was an anti-mask protest in Scottsdale, Arizona. These people brought a "Let me breath!" sign.

7. Another person brought a "#MuzzleMeNot" sign.

8. A "My Choice, Not Yours" sign.

9. A sign that says masks violate religious freedom.

10. And a "No masks, Yes to freedom" sign.

11. Anti-mask protests have been happening more often in Florida lately. For example, there was an anti-mask demonstration at a "grilled cheese bar."

Anti-mask activists in Florida took their campaign over the weekend to a grilled cheese bar whose owner said she would not require customers to wear masks, even as the state reported more than 15,000 new cases in just 24 hours on Sunday

12. In Stuart, Florida, 100 people waved flags while holding "I Will Not Comply" signs.

More than 100 people waved flags and signs at U.S. 1 and Monterey in Stuart for the "I Will Not Comply" anti-mask law rally Saturday. #COVID19Pandemic #coronavirus @tcpalm

13. At another small protest in Martin County, Florida, a man wore a face mask with the mouth cut out from it.

14. This past weekend, there was a protest in Columbus, Ohio.

15. They were protesting mask mandates in several Ohio counties.

16. This person brought a sign advocating for no mask rules and no social distancing in schools.

17. In Provo, Utah, people gathered to protest a rule that made face masks mandatory in schools.

18. This person brought a "Let Kids Be Kids" sign. Another person held up a face mask with "Censored" written on it.

19. There have also been small anti-mask demonstrations in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Some kids out here as well, right by the Commissioners Office.

20. In Las Vegas, there was a protest where a person made a sign that said "Slaves Wore Masks."

21. A few people showed up to protest face masks in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

22. In Indianapolis, there was an anti-mask rally where this person wore a face mask that said "obey conform."

23. At the same anti-face mask rally, this person wore a mask that said "This is a mind control device."

24. This person wore a tin foil hat that said "I used to stand out in a crowd..."

25. This person brought their gun to the anti-face mask Indianapolis rally.

26. These people taped a "fear is the real virus" on the Indiana Statehouse.

27. There was a "freedom first" sign.

28. An anti-vaccine and anti-mask sign.

29. And, of course, a "My Body My Choice" sign.