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Alec Baldwin Fell For A Classic NYC Tourist Scam All New Yorkers Know Not To Fall For

Not to be *that guy* — BUT he should have known.

Alec Baldwin and his wife, Hilaria, got scammed.

Super Deluxe

They fell for a classic New York City scam everyone who lives in New York City knows not to fall for.


Never, and I mean NEVER, buy a ticket for a Statue of Liberty boat ride from someone on the street.

I guess it’s not a true NYC experience until you’re out 90$ bc someone scams you into fake tickets for the Statue of Liberty ferry

The people selling "tickets" on the street are likely scammers. You should buy tickets only at the actual tourist attraction box offices.

Alec Baldwin apparently didn't know this rule and posted on Instagram about being scammed.

Here's what he said:

So, we head to South Ferry.
Me and @hilariabaldwin
Two sharp, savvy NYers.
Kids in tow.
We buy the tickets for the “boat tour” of the Statue of Liberty.
We are escorted to a shuttle bus.
To New Jersey!
I kid you not.
We paid. Then we read the tickets.
This is a scam.
Take the SI Ferry.
It’s the best ride in NY.

For those who can't read weird Alec Baldwin haikus, Alec bought a ticket from some random person on the street for a $40 boat tour of the Statue of Liberty. The "tour operator" started to shuttle them off to a bus to "NEW F***ING JERSEY," and that's when they realized it was a scam.

Joanne the Scammer

Luckily, the Baldwins still got that Statue of Liberty boat tour.

The only difference is that this "boat tour" was free because everyone knows you should just take the Staten Island Ferry to get a great view of the Statue of Liberty. It's free.

There's also free Wi-Fi.

Better luck next time, sweets.

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