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After Looking At These Photos You Will DEFINITELY Want A Capybara


33. Hey, y'all! This is a capybara chilling on a couch. If you didn't already know, a capybara is basically a giant hamster. In about two minutes you will really, REALLY want one.

Just some advice...

32. Some capybaras like to swim...

31. ...so you'll definitely need some good pool toys.

30. And you better throw pool parties. Capybaras love pool parties.

29. They will totally be the life of the party.

28. Don't be surprised when you find your capybara with a paper bag in the pool. They can be a little weird sometimes...but you know, like a good kind of weird.

27. Capybaras also get along with cats.

26. They love dogs.

25. <3<3<3

24. They're even good with kids.

23. WARNING: They may get a little jealous of your bunnies, ESPECIALLY if they want to be cuddled.

22. Capybaras can read.

21. They have a hard time using the computer, though. (Their paws aren't meant for typing.)

20. It must also be noted how cute they are as babies.

19. Capybaras eat corn on the cob.

18. They also eat watermelon.

17. They will wait for you to come home by the door.

16. You can take them for walks.

15. They love when you cuddle them.

14. They also love to just chill. They're easy!

13. Capybaras are insanely cute when they sleep.

12. Can you EVEN TAKE IT?!

11. You can take them for car rides.

10. They're fairly festive.

9. A PERFECT addition to game night.

8. You should also know they like tortoises.

7. They love stuffed animals of themselves.

6. And blankets. They love blankets.


4. Now here are three pictures of a capybara wearing a blue bonnett doing a little gardening:



1. Xoxo. I NEED YOU.

All photos from the amazing Rous photos Tumblr. You should also check out their website, Gianthamster.com.