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Adele's Reaction To The "SNL" Skit About Her Is Perfect

Because of course it is. She's Adele.

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In case you somehow missed the bombardment of Facebook posts on your News Feed, this weekend there was a legit hilarious Saturday Night Live skit about how Adele is basically the only thing keeping families together during the holiday season.

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It was great because it is true: Only actual monsters don't like Adele. Adele bridges all gaps and transcends all arguments. She is powerful.

So, on Sunday, she uploaded this picture of her watching the skit.


...her reaction to this...

SNL / Via

...was this:

Yaaass Gaga, slay mama, you are so relatable, etc.


She also uploaded this picture...

...with this caption:

*Inserts prayer-hands emoji*

SNL / Via

The end.

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