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Adele Has To Dye Her Eyebrows Or Else She Looks Like Voldemort, And The Photos She's Talking About Prove Her Point

Another reason why everyone is obsessed with Adele.

Every few years, Adele releases an album and embarks on a press tour where literally everything she says turns into a headline.

Adele singing onstage in a long gown with a dramatic neckline and drop earrings in the shape of Saturn
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Seriously, everything.

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Today, we'll be talking about the time she looked like Lord Voldemort.

Adele hiding her face behind a Louis Vuitton monogrammed purse
Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

So, Adele did an interview with NikkieTutorials.

NikkieTutorials /

Nikkie does half her face, and like all NikkieTutorials interviews, it's a good time!

View this video on YouTube

NikkieTutorials /

There was one thing I found particularly funny, and it was the part about the time Adele was caught looking like Lord Voldemort after leaving a Lady Gaga concert.

A man dressed as Lord Voldemort
Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images for Bauer Media

"If I don't dye my brows — these are dyed — I look like Voldemort," she says.

Nikkie doing Adele's eyebrow
NikkieTutorials /

"They go pale and blonde (when not dyed)."

Adele telling Nikkie Tutorials about her brows
NikkieTutorials /

"There's a photograph I saw of me leaving a Lady Gaga concert and I look crazy. I look like an elfling or something."

Adele and Nikkie enjoying a glass of wine
NikkieTutorials /

"My eyebrows were so blown out from not having them dyed, my baby was 6 months old, but yeah, I need a brow."

adele continuing to tell Nikkie Tutorials about her brows
NikkieTutorials /

And because I had to see the pictures, here they are:

Adele in the backset of a car with barely visible eyebrows

Which, like, I love that Adele can laugh at these photos.

adele looking at the camera off guard

Because honestly, we all have (many) random pics someone took of us that we don't like.

adele looking at the camera off guard

Anyway, please stream "Can I Get It." I need it to be a single. Badly.

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