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    Actual Reasons Why People Don't Want Gay People To Be Boy Scouts

    Shim Scouts, people. Shim Scouts!

    It's not called Shim Scouts!

    Gay people can't possibly control themselves in tents with other men.

    There will be really bad thunderstorms.

    Via Facebook: saveourscouts

    See the sign above^

    This is from a "Save Our Scouts" rally in Texas.

    It will be impossible for Boy Scouts to ever advance in rank.

    God will yell at you with a megaphone or something.

    It's ABNORMAL.

    Evil will rule.

    Also wickedness.

    Evil AND no liberty.

    There will be no virtue...

    ...because it's just another social experiment.

    The Boy Scouts' reputation will be destroyed.

    They will basically turn into the Gay Straight Alliance.

    Nothing will be pure.

    The Boy Scouts will not exist at all.

    And there will be no God.

    At all!

    Just keep 'em out!

    All of these were taken from the Save Our Scouts Facebook group.

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