A Tribute To Benny The Boxer

You’ve probably seen him before and you don’t even know his name. Get to know the internet’s favorite boxer, Benny.

1. Benny is a boxer from New York City.

2. As you can see, he is adorable.

3. You probably know him from one of his Halloween costumes…

4. In 2010, he was Antoine Dogson.

7. Always ahead of the trends, in 2011 Benny was basically the original Honey Boo Boo.

8. Technically he was a “Toddler And Tiara.”

9. Then this year, Benny took the world by storm as “Butthead.”

12. And in gif form:

13. Now let’s rewind a bit and get to know Benny a little better.

14. This is what Benny looked like as a puppy…


15. Fast forward a bit to when he was a tween…

16. And here we are in present day.

17. These are Benny’s parents, Mike & Chris. Benny got all dressed up for their wedding.

18. More basic information. Here are some things Benny loves:

19. Napping:

20. Convertables:

21. Cute hats:

22. The beach:

23. Birthdays:

24. Looking cute:

26. Raccoons:

27. And platypuses:

29. Things Benny doesn’t love:

30. Balloons.

31. Sorry about that. No more balloons.

32. Have I mentioned that he’s also a cancer survivor.

Such an inspiration.

33. Okay, let’s wrap this up with 3 pictures of Benny playing with a friend:

36. Thank you for your time!

37. Now it’s time for a nap. Bye!

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