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    Some Idiots Thought Jennifer Lopez Photoshopped Her Abs, So She Destroyed Their Sorry Asses

    It's too early to be this problematic.

    IMAGINE THIS: Jennifer Lopez wakes up. She stretches her arms, yawns, and whispers: "Children grow and women producing, men go working, some go stealing, everyone's got to make a living."

    She stands, takes a *rich* deep breathe, and shakes her head remembering that embarrassing fight she got into outside of a Blockbuster with Ben Affleck. She did not want to watch "Rudy" for the 47th time.

    Like and completely unlike most of us, Jen went into her glorious multi-sinked bathroom and looked into a mirror at her perfect rock hard abs. She probably thought: "Well shit, my abs look good right now." So, she took a pic, decided she needed validation from Instagram, and waited for those sweet, sweet likes to roll in.

    Except that's not exactly what happened. Some sad low-lifes decided that Jen's abs looked photoshop... and let me just tell you this, NO ONE, I mean no one, NOT EVEN THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND, tells Jen that her abs look photoshopped.

    So, when those tasteless pieces of shit decided to second guess the authenticity of the picture, JLO went into the comments and reamed them to the core. Read it and weep, you sick fucks!:

    Boom, roasted, shriveled and slapped in the face. A "grade A" JLO reaming. You guys, it was just a smudge!!!

    In conclusion, I think we all #wishtherewasaphotoshopforhaters.

    Amen, goodnight and #justiceforiluhyapapi.