90 Pictures That Will Only Make Sense To People Born Before 1995 — Like, Gen Z Will Be So Confused By Every One Of These

    Take me back to when all we ever wanted was to eat edible lotion.

    1. First and foremost, Baby Spice in a baby carriage.

    Baby Spice wearing jeans and a leather jacket, smiling and sitting on the side of a baby carriage on wheels

    2. Nelson Mandela meeting his biggest fan.

    Nelson Mandela and Victoria Beckham hugging each other

    3. Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson making out with their eyes open while trying to sell edible lotion.

    Nick and Jessica kissing as Jessica holds bottles of lotion

    4. Naomi Campbell showing up to her court-ordered community service.

    A smiling Naomi walking on the street wearing high heels and a long silvery gown

    5. Anne Hathaway in her clown era.

    Anne in jeans and a short-sleeved blouse with a big tie attached on the red carpet

    6. Ashley Tisdale in her fashion era.

    Ashley on the red carpet in a miniskirt, short jacket, and boots

    7. Anne Hathaway trying really hard to make the super-thin, super-long, and super-useless scarf trend happen.

    Smiling Anne in a pantsuit and very long scarf dangling from her neck

    8. Lindsay Lohan trying to do the same.

    Smiling Lindsay in jeans and a scarf around her neck on the red carpet

    9. Ryan Reynolds always making out with Alanis Morissette.

    Alanis, who's wearing a scarf around her neck, and Ryan kissing

    10. Seriously, they were always swappin' spit.

    Ryan and Alanis kissing while sitting down

    11. Matthew McConaughey in his peak himbo phase.

    Matthew shirtless on the beach and wearing a bandana

    12. Kim Kardashian wondering how the hell she's going to get out of being Paris Hilton's assistant.

    Kim and Paris with their arms raised

    13. Also when she was dating professional baby-maker Nick Cannon.

    Nick hugging Kim, who's wearing jeans, from behind

    14. Wilmer Valderrama and Mandy Moore seven minutes into their 10-minute relationship.

    Wilmer and Mandy looking at each other

    15. Megan Fox when she dated the little kid from Seventh Heaven.

    Megan in a choker necklace and lace-up bodice top with Barry Watson

    16. The Spice Girls gathered around a desktop computer.

    The Spice Girls smiling and sitting around a computer workstation

    17. The Spice Girls dolls being hounded by the paparazzi.

    Back view of Spice Girls Barbie doll–type dolls on a red platform being photographed

    18. Majorly iconic.

    Front view of the Spice Girls dolls

    19. Rihanna and a humongous tennis racquet.

    Rihanna in jeans on a tennis court, holding a massive racquet and ball

    20. Rihanna with Tweety Bird.

    Rihanna giving the horns sign with a full-size Tweety

    21. The Backstreet Boys learning how to use a telephone.

    The Backstreet Boys with a very large cellphone

    22. Hilary Duff posing with a 2-megapixel digital camera just so she can get it for free.

    Hilary holding a camera still in a package

    23. Rihanna posing with tins of popcorn just so she can get them for free.

    Rihanna smiling and holding two huge tins of popcorn

    24. Lady Gaga showing off her new Sodastream.

    Lady Gaga holding a cup next to the Sodastream on a table

    25. And the Jonas Brothers with a Roomba.

    The Jonas Brothers standing next to a woman as one of them holds a Roomba

    26. Chris Kirkpatrick's biggest fan extremely concerned over the direction of his next hairstyle.

    People in an audience with some holding signs, including "Bass is back!" and "What's next for Chris's hair?"

    27. Beyoncé next to Steve Martin for some reason.

    Beyoncé and Steve smiling and sitting at a podium with their name plates in front of them

    28. Aaron Carter grinding between Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé.

    Kelly and Beyoncé with Aaron in the middle

    29. Lindsay Lohan auditioning to become the new Destiny's Child member.

    Lindsay standing and smiling with Destiny's Child

    30. Tom Cruise accusing Michelle Williams of doing something.

    Tom pointing at Michelle as Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland look on

    31. Kim Kardashian holding up a stuffed animal for Paris Hilton to kiss in a random souvenir shop.

    Kim wearing sunglasses and a cap holds up a large stuffed animal that Paris kisses on the mouth

    32. Jen Aniston rubbing thumbs together with Tate Donovan.

    Jen and Tate touching thumbs as they look at the camera

    33. Kim and Paris looming over a small child.

    Kim and Paris look down on an infant lying on a surface

    34. Zac Efron rocking the "every kid on the cul-de-sac" haircut.

    Zac with bangs

    35. Kate Gosselin and her reverse spiky mullet bob.

    Kate smiling with the spiky mullet and holding the book "Multiple Bles8ings"

    36. Joe Jonas in his hair-model era.

    Joe looking serious with long bangs

    37. Work, b*tch!

    Joe looking into the camera seriously

    38. Kim getting loose.

    Kim Kardashian leaning on Paris Hilton and looking inebriated

    39. The Susan Boyle fan army.

    Fans wearing Susan masks and "Come on Susan" T-shirts

    40. This terrifying Kevin Jonas wax figure.

    Two women pretending to kiss the wax figure, which is holding a guitar

    41. Paris and Nicky Hilton in coke couture.

    Paris and her sister Nicky wearing "Got blow?" tank tops

    42. Leo DiCaprio and his Twix.

    Leo holding a Twix bar

    43. The Backstreet Boys learning about fish.

    The boys holding stuffed-animal fish

    44. Christina Aguilera's trendy skidmark haircut.

    Close-up of Christina singing into a microphone

    45. Ski goggles when they were having a boy band fashion moment.

    AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys wearing an undershirt, many thick necklaces, and goggles onstage

    46. A Tamagotchi graveyard.

    Tamagotchi plots, caskets, and memorials, some with flowers, in or on the grass

    47. Seriously, someone buried them.

    A Tamagotchi in its casket

    48. A grown man covered in his enormous Beanie Baby collection.

    A man lying on a bed and surrounded by Beanie Babies and a newspaper article about him

    49. A grown woman trying to trade beaded animals that were made for children.

    She's holding two beaded stuffed animals and a sign, "I'll trade my Princess Erin for your card"

    50. 98 Degrees and their own Beanie.

    98 Degrees members holding Beanies and smiling

    51. A group of rowdy teenagers with vaguely sexual signs outside the TRL studios.

    Two signs together read "Carson we wanna be bad with you baby"

    52. J.Lo announcing her J.Lo fashion collection.

    JLo smiling and standing arm in arm with four other women

    53. Kevin Richardson holding up a blindfold that says "Lounge lizard."

    Kevin wearing a turtleneck sweater and holding the blindfold up to his face

    54. Katy Perry at a party for Perez Hilton.

    Katy wearing a shorts set and heels and smiling

    55. B2K wearing outfits made from drapes.

    B2K members smiling with their arms raised

    56. Ciara and Bow Wow when they were briefly a thing.

    They're sitting and Bow Wow has his arm around Ciara's shoulder

    57. Brittany Murphy and Ashton Kutcher together for their very brief moment as Hollywood's hottest couple.

    Brittany and Ashton, in a backward cap, facing each other

    58. Freddie Prinze Jr. jumping headfirst into the frosted-tips trend.

    Freddie with spike hair and wearing a suit

    59. NSYNC and their iconic marionettes.

    NSYNC standing together and holding the dolls

    60. Beyoncé showing off her very fancy LG Chocolate phone.

    Beyoncé in a V-neck wrap dress and holding the phone

    61. Steve Jobs presenting the Holy Bible.

    Steve holding up a CD with Britney's Baby One More Time CD on a screen

    62. Britney Spears answering a call on the house phone.

    Smiling Britney holding a large phone up to her head

    63. Aaron Paul and his weird late '90s fashion.

    Aaron holding open his jacket to display a Skid Row T-shirt

    64. The Sprouse twins dressed as little chimney sweepers.

    Dylan and Cole on the red carpet, with one wearing a vest and the other suspenders

    65. Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry when everyone was convinced they were the same person.

    Zooey and Katy hugging each other

    66. Pete Wentz and the most sought-out piece of mid-'00s technology: the Sidekick.

    Pete holding up the Sidekick 3 phone

    67. Steve Jobs and a video iPod.

    Close-up of Steve smiling and holding up a video iPod

    68. A Claymate.

    Back of a T-shirt worn by a woman, with the text "Clay shakes my ovaries a thousand different ways"

    69. Sisqó walking around with a thong.

    Sisqó holding up a thong

    70. A Blockbuster drop box.

    A Blockbuster Quik Drop slot below a "Drop Box" sign in the window

    71. Ben and Jen arguing about what movie they just rented after leaving a Blockbuster.

    Ben and JLo leaving a Blockbuster store with JLo holding a Blockbuster bag

    72. Just some boys on a giant wagon.

    NSYNC members sitting on a wagon

    73. JC Chasez covered in what appears to be either bird poop or glue.

    JC Chasez with spiked hair and wearing a motley jeans jacket and jeans

    74. JC Chasez and his cute lil' soul patch.

    JC with a tiny vertical beard in the middle of his chin

    75. AJ McLean catching up on American government.

    AJ holding an "American Government" textbook

    76. Jen Aniston, Brad Pitt, and his little alien glasses.

    Close-up of Jen and Brad standing together

    77. Angelina Jolie proudly showing off her Billy Bob tattoo.

    Angelina and Billy embracing cheek to cheek

    78. Ryan Cabrera and Ashlee Simpson before they broke up after Episode 1 of the Ashlee Simpson Show.

    Ryan, not smiling, and Ashley, who is smiling, standing together

    79. Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton staring at a bull.

    Nicole and Paris smiling and looking at a bull in front of a truck

    80. Gillian Anderson with extreme whale tail.

    Back view of GIllian wearing a backless gown

    81. Fergie and some dangerously low pants.

    Fergie singing onstage and wearing very low-rise pants

    82. Jonathan Taylor Thomas on the orange Nickelodeon couch.

    JTT in a sweater, jeans, and sneakers and smiling on the couch

    83. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson when all he was known for was the raised-eyebrow thing.

    Dwayne with raised eyebrow and hands on hips

    84. The Rock playing video games with Bill Gates.

    Dwayne and Bill standing and holding game controllers in front of a video game

    85. Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt when they had matching haircuts.

    Gwyneth and Brad standing together and wearing dark clothing

    86. David and Victoria Beckham in their matching-haircut phase.

    David and Victoria, with spiked bangs, sitting together at a table with various beverages

    87. Justin Timberlake in a funky hat.

    Close-up of Justin in a cap

    88. Lance Bass swimming in the ocean while wearing jeans.

    A shirtless Justin on his knees on the sand and wearing wet jeans

    89. Ryan Gosling and his dog George.

    Ryan smiling and holding a fairly large dog with one hand

    90. And last but not least, Chris Evans when we only knew him as the guy with the whipped cream boobs.

    A shirtless Chris with whipped cream and cherries on his chest