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    60 Pictures That Show Just How Strange The World Was Exactly 20 Years Ago

    From sniffing necks to kissing hands to photo ops with tons of tuna: What a time to be alive.

    1. Jennifer Aniston sniffing Jake Gyllenhaal's neck.

    He's smiling as she sniffs

    2. Ryan Reynolds kissing Alanis Morissette's hand in a weird way.

    He's looking at the camera as he does it

    3. Like, these two were always kissing.

    Another photo of him kissing her hand as she smiles

    4. Get a room!!!!

    Here, they're kissing

    5. Madonna in her brief and incredibly random "children's book author" era.

    She's holding up her book "The English Roses" and smiling

    6. Lance Bass and someone Getty Images refers to as "girlfriend Carrah."

    She's waring a bathing suit top and he's in a sleeveless shirt, they're cheek to cheek and smiling, and her hand is on his belly

    7. Steve Jobs showing the world how to burn a CD.

    He's onstage in jeans and a cowl-neck shirt

    8. Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson posing with some off-brand MP3 players.

    They're smiling and holding up the products from "iRiver"

    9. Ludacris illegally downloading songs off of Napster.

    He's staring intently at a computer

    10. Avril Lavigne in a wee ole top hat showing off the "Rock On" letters she put inside her coat with white electrical tape.

    She's holding her coat open to show the inner lining

    11. Lance Bass showing off his jean charms.

    He's framing his crotch area with his hands

    12. Seriously, this was a thing.

    13. Leonardo DiCaprio kissing the cheek of a very enthusiastic Gisele Bündchen.

    They're in the stands of a sports event, both wearing caps, and she looks bored

    14. Penn Badgley in his teenage dirtbag phase.

    He's on the red carpet with tousled hair, jeans, and a T-shirt

    15. Anna Nicole surrounded by a bunch of Anna Nicole drag queens.

    She's sitting and smiling as they sit around her

    16. Donald Trump and Melania when they were still invited to the Met Gala.

    He's wearing a bow tie and she's wearing a V-neck sleeveless gown, and they both look very serious

    17. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen auditioning to be Charlie's newest angels.

    The sisters on the red carpet with Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore

    18. Britney Spears and Colin Farrell on that one date they went on.

    His arm is around her and their mouths are open wide

    19. Tom Cruise prom posing with his then-girlfriend Penélope Cruz.

    HIs arm is around her back and clasping her hand, which she has across her waist; her other hand is over his, and his other hand is touching her elbow

    20. Pamela Anderson ignoring David Spade.

    She's sitting between him and Kid Rock

    21. The singer-songwriter herself, Stacie Orrico.

    Smiling in a sleeveless top and jeans and a curly updo

    22. Mandy Moore and Andy Roddick when they were briefly an item.

    They're sitting in the stands at a sports event and both wearing jeans

    23. Brittany Murphy caressing a Skechers sandal.

    She's smiling and holding the sandal up to her face

    24. Jennifer Coolidge when she was *just* Stifler's mom.

    Jennifer blowing a kiss next to an "American Wedding" poster

    25. Britney Spears hearing the latest rumor about herself.

    She's making a strange face while holding a microphone

    26. T.A.T.u. pretending to be lesbians.

    Members Lena Katina and Julia Volkova wearing matching midriff-baring cropped blouses as one touches the other's abdomen

    27. Christina Aguilera dressed as a very tan nun.

    She's onstage with several "nuns" in white beside her

    28. Paul Rudd taking pictures with a very tiny cellphone.

    In a close-up, he's holding up a very small Nokia cellphone

    29. That phone was very tiny!!

    He's frowning as he holds the phone

    30. Nelly wearing a Band-Aid as fashion.

    He's smiling and also wearing a du-rag

    31. Ashlee Simpson in her extremely 2003 knitted beanie cap, and Frankie Muniz in his extremely 2003 Urban Outfitters graphic T-shirt.

    Frankie's wearing a "New Jersey: Only the Strong Survive" T-shirt

    32. Michelle Branch showing off her Maxim cover.

    She's wearing a short dress and coat at the Maxim event

    33. Joe Rogan showing pictures on his digital camera to some cocktail servers at the "Warm and Fuzzy" Maxim party.

    The servers are scantily clad

    34. Ben Affleck's chin strap.

    He's wearing a Boston Red Sox cap and standing with JLo

    35. Ben Affleck leaving a Blockbuster mid-argument.

    He's wearing a Boston Red Sex cap and "Music Pimp" T-shirt and leaving the store with JLo

    36. David Beckham with cornrows.

    Close-up of him smiling

    37. A distraught Claymate waiting for her dream man.

    Woman holding a Clay Aiken poster next to a limo

    38. Pretend millionaire "Joe Millionaire" at the Just Married movie premiere.

    Evan Marriott is smiling on the red carpet in jeans and a tight sweater next to the movie poster

    39. Beyoncé discovering the 9/11 tapes.

    She's seated and smiling as she holds up a "The 9/11 Tapes" NY Post cover

    40. Two very angry Hot Topic employees.

    Avril Lavigne and Kelly Osbourne are giving the camera the finger on the red carpet; Kelly is wearing a "Young Willing and Eager" T-shirt

    41. Britney Spears and Madonna showing off their friendship necklaces.

    Britney's is "B" and Madonna's is "M"

    42. Lindsay Lohan showing off her new cellphone.

    She's smiling and holding up a tiny cellphone

    43. Many, many Beyoncés.

    Beyoncé is smiling and surrounded by women with similar hairstyles and outfits

    44. Pink making a man sniff her crotch.

    She's onstage and he's on his knees with his face between her legs

    45. Then–New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg campaigning for Clay Aiken.

    Michael is holding up a "Clay Aiken for Mayor" sign as Clay smiles

    46. Jessica Simpson taking a picture with a very large basket of tuna.

    The large basket has cans, boxes, and tear-open packs of Chicken of the Sea tuna

    47. Fergie in some very interesting, extremely low-rise puff pants.

    She's wearing a midriff-baring, long-sleeved crop top, very loose low-rise pants, and lace-up stiletto boots

    48. Nick Cannon in his beefcake era.

    He's bare-chested and wearing low-rise jeans and posing seductively

    49. A not-staged-at-all photo of Prince William playing golf on the beach.

    He's looking in the distance for the ball and smiling, the iron over his shoulder, with the sand and sea behind him

    50. Prince William giving away feet pics for free.

    He's smiling and leaning back on the grassy sand in jeans and a sweater and barefoot, with his knees bent

    51. Prince Harry in his dorm room.

    He's smiling and sitting in a chair between a small desk and chest of drawers with a psychedelic print above his head

    52. Prince Harry casually making toast while wearing a suit.

    He's sitting on a counter in a vest and striped pants and shirt as a slice of toast emerges from the toaster

    53. Beyoncé and Ashton Kutcher joshing around.

    They're both smiling, and he's wearing a Santa hat

    54. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher as a couple.

    They both look serious

    55. Ashton Kutcher briefly becoming a member of the Willis-Moore family.

    Bruce Willis with Ashton and Demi and Bruce and Demi's three daughters

    56. Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore walking to the Charlie's Angels premiere after their limo broke down.

    Cameron's in a sleeveless minidress and holding a purse and a glass of champagne, and Drew's in leather hip-huggers and a crop top and holding a bottle of champagne and a glass

    57. Hilary Duff in her dating Aaron Carter era.

    They're hugging each other and smiling

    58. Ryan Seacrest serving FASHION.

    He's standing with Tom Green and wearing plain pants and a short-sleeved button-front shirt with a T-shirt underneath

    59. Work, bitch!

    Ryan is posing with the shirt open, showing a "21st Century Rock n Roll" T-shirt

    60. And last but not least, Dolly Parton posing with a tube of toothpaste so she could get it for free.

    She's smiling and holding up a tube of Crest toothpaste and a box of Crest Whitestrips