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39 Things That Seoul, Korea Has That The World Desperately Needs

Go to Korea. NOW!

Here's the skinny: I spent four days in Seoul and instantly fell in love. Here were some of my random favorite things there. To sum it up: Everyone should go there.

1. First and foremost, Seoul has CHEESE SHIRTS.

2. Like seriously, so many CHEESE shirts.

3. Secondly, a raccoon cafe with friendly raccoons.


5. Also, let's just applaud this sign celebrating raccoon body positivity.

6. There's also a sheep cafe.


8. EVERYWHERE could use a store named this:

9. A store giving you good luck on toast.

10. And this store, ALAND, which is basically Korean Urban Outfitters.

11. Honestly, the world would be a better (and more precise place) with desserts made in Pyrex containers.

12. Quinoa face masks.

13. Chocolate milk face masks.

14. This soap.

15. Poop things.

16. Cosmetics made especially for YouTubers.

17. A Korean BBQ on every corner.

18. A gay bar with an iconic Lady Gaga lyric in a neon light.

19. A beauty supply claw machine.

20. A restaurant featuring two giant stuffed bears eating food.

21. A meercat cafe because why not.

22. More cheesy things.

23. Naked cheesy things.

24. A hoodie that describes my thoughts on dating.

25. A "solution" for hangovers with this friendly man on the label.

26. Literally just a hoodie asking you to Instagram.


28. OK last cheese one, a cheesebong!

29. Just kidding, there's this FRIED CHEESE on a stick which is one of the most amazing street foods, ever.

30. There's also EGG BREAD.

31. A shirt celebrating Bitcoin.

32. Beer cosmetics.

33. A tote with lemon soul.

34. Just, like, this cute thing.

35. Toy drinks.

36. A museum with optical illusions literally just made for social media oversharing. For example, this is a picture of a flat floor. It's an optical illusion! THINK ABOUT IT.

37. This green grape tart.

38. A wider variety of Pringles flavors.

39. Annnnnd a terrifying rubber mask.

'Till next time Seoul Sisters xoxo.